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Return for free at a drop off location (May not be available for some locations * during the initial rental refund period).

Return within 30 days for any reason
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General Questions

How long can I rent a book for?

You can rent books from Amazon for one semester at a time. You can also rent certain books on a monthly basis, for 30, 60 or 90 days. The book detail page will let you know what rental periods are available.

Will I receive a new or used textbook?

You may receive a new or a used textbook, based on availability. All used textbooks will be in acceptable rental condition, as determined by us. If you are not satisfied with the book you receive, you can return it for a refund within 30 days for semester-long rentals or 15 days for monthly (30, 60 or 90 day) rentals. See Rental Terms and Conditions for more on initial return window and refund policy.

Will my textbook include the CD, codes, and other supplementary materials?

We do not guarantee that supplemental materials will be included when you rent textbooks from

Can I write and highlight in the textbook?

As a courtesy to future customers, we ask that you limit your writing and highlighting to a minimal amount.

What does acceptable rental condition mean?

Acceptable rental condition means:

  • No water damage (wavy, swollen or discolored, crinkled, stains, rings),
  • No broken spine or binding,
  • Cover is not torn or taped,
  • No missing, torn, or loose pages,
  • No burns, fire, or smoke damage,
  • No odor of any kind (including musty odor, cigar or cigarette odor).


Will I be charged sales tax on my rental order?

Taxes are applied to textbook rentals where required by state law. Visit Payment, Pricing & Promotions to learn more.

Can I use my Amazon gift cards or promotional balance to pay for my textbook rental?

If you already have a credit balance on your account from Gift Cards or eligible promotional codes, we will always apply the full value of such credits before charging the remaining balance to your credit card. However, even if you have sufficient credit to pay for the initial rental fee when you rent textbooks, you must still have a valid credit card on file, that expires no earlier than 45 days after your due date, to complete the order to cover any additional fees incurred. Currently, gift cards and promotional balances cannot be used to extend or purchase your textbook rental.


What shipping methods are offered?

Amazon standard shipping rates apply when you rent textbooks; standard 3-5 business days, two-day, and one-day. Orders are Fulfilled by Amazon and are eligible for FREE Shipping on orders over $35 and Prime FREE Two-Day shipping (where available). Join Prime Student and get FREE Two-Day Shipping for six months with Amazon Prime shipping benefits, as well as exclusive offers via e-mail.

Will you ship my textbooks internationally?

We ship rental textbooks only to the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii.

Returning My Rental and Late Fees

Where do I find my rental due date?

You can find the due dates of all of your rented textbooks on the Manage Your Rental page in your account, where you can also extend the rental period, purchase the rental and initiate a return.

How do I return my textbooks at the end of my rental period?

You can initiate a return by visiting the Manage Your Rental page. Select the textbook you would like to return and then select Return Rental to print the pre-paid return shipping label. Print out the packaging slip and return shipping label. Package up the item you would like to return, including the packaging slip. To avoid incorrect fees, only rentals listed on the same package slip should be returned in the same package together. Apply the return shipping label and take the shipment to the carrier listed on your return label. Return shipping is free when you use the shipping label provided. For returns during the initial return period, see Rentals Terms and Conditions.

Will I be sent reminders as my return due date approaches?

Yes. Amazon will email you reminders for your rented textbooks to the email address provided at time of rental.

What happens if I am late returning my textbooks?

If your book is not received with a postmark of the due date or an earlier date, we will automatically extend your rental period. For semester-long rentals, we will automatically extend your rental period by 15 days and charge you for a 15-day extension. If the book is still not received with a postmark of the extension due date or an earlier date, we will charge you the purchase price (as of the time of rental) less any rental fees and, if applicable, extension fees already paid. For monthly (30-, 60- or 90-day) rentals, we will extend your rental period by 30 days and charge you for an additional 30-day rental. If, after any 30-day extension, your book continues to not be received with a postmark of the due date or an earlier date, we will continue to bill you for subsequent 30-day extensions until you have paid rental and extension fees equal to the purchase price (as of the time of rental) of the book. Please do not ship the book to us once you have been charged the buyout price – that book is yours to keep.

What is the return period when I rent books?

You may return semester-long rentals during the first 30 days of your rental period. You may return monthly (30-, 60- or 90-day) rentals during the first 15 days of your rental period. If you return the book after the applicable 15 or 30 day period, you will not receive any refund of the rental fee, even if you return the textbook before its due date or subsequently purchase the textbook. For all returns, the book must be returned in the same condition as when you received it. Visit Returns Center for more information.

Can I trade-in a book I rented on Amazon?

No, if you rented a textbook on Amazon, please return it by going to visiting the Manage Your Rental page to view your rental library. From there you can select the textbook(s) you wish to return and print a prepaid return shipping label.

I traded in a book I rented on Amazon. What do I do now?

A textbook rented on Amazon may not be traded in through the Amazon Trade-In program unless you have first purchased it. If you have traded in a rented textbook without first purchasing it, you will be charged the same fees as a rental textbook that is not returned.

How can I extend my textbook rental period?

You can extend semester-long rentals by 15 days or for an additional semester, each for an incremental fee. You can also extend monthly rentals (30, 60 or 90 days) for an additional 30, 60 or 90 days for an incremental fee, which fee would vary by the length of the extension you choose. For both semester-long rentals and monthly rentals (30, 60 or 90 days), you can purchase extensions by visiting the Manage Your Rental page to view your rental orders. Select the textbook rental that you would like to extend, select the desired extension period and confirm your purchase.

Can I purchase the textbook during my rental period?

Yes, when you rent textbooks at, you may purchase the textbook after the first 30 days of your semester-long rental or after the first 15 days of your monthly (30, 60 or 90 days) rental. Simply go to the Manage Your Rental page to view your rental library. Select the textbook you wish to purchase and then proceed through the checkout process.

Can I get a refund for an extension if I end up not needing it?

You can request a full refund for a textbook rental extension if you end up returning the book before your original pre-extension due date. You cannot request a refund for the extension after your original due date has passed. The refund will be given in the form of an Amazon Gift Card. To request a refund, please contact Customer Service.

Why can't I use my Amazon gift card to extend or purchase my textbook rental?

The functionality to support use of gift cards and promotional balances to extend or purchase your textbook rental is not currently available. However, you can use credit cards and debit cards.