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on November 20, 2017
For the short duration I had the air fryer, its been amazing wings, fish and veggies. after few months, i started to notice the inner coating chipping off. then BAM - RUST in bottom of my basket. So I contacted GOWISE usa about the rusting and this is the response I got.
"I am sorry to hear that. With GoWISE USA, all of our baskets, handles and pans are warrantied for 30 days only from the date of purchase.
If you are passed 30 days, you will have to purchase the parts from our website."
If you're in the market for an air fryer, pick another brand.
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on January 28, 2018
Great unit, very large basket, you could probably fit a smaller sized whole chicken in it. Exterior footprint is only a little larger than lower capacity models, it’s not huge. Controls are very good, temperature goes from 180F to 400F (YES, 400! Not 390!) in 10-degree increments. And unlike many it actually reaches the advertised temperature. I can say this because I checked it with two different oven gauges and at 400 after 15 minutes they showed the temperature to be 400. The fan is even quieter than my Philips was, and it seems to do just as well in cooking. There is a safety slide to cover the basket release button so you don’t accidentally dump your meal on the floor. The heating pauses when you remove the basket in mid cook to shake the goods and resumes when you put the basket back in. Several presets if you eat the same items often to save time setting the controls. The basket is the typical non stick black metal and the tub is the same. All these features ticked off my list and at a much lower price to the Philips which was frankly disappointing in features and capabilities.

Now for the one problem- This fryer unit has a one year warranty, which is typical and not bad. However the FRYING BASKET is only warranted for 30 DAYS. REALLY??? 30 days is what I’d expect from a rebuilt/refurbished unit, not something new like these are. Do you really have so little faith in the durability of what you sell as to offer such a measly warranty? I mean that is pretty much no warranty at all and very disappointing. If you had gone the extra millimeter and fitted it with a stainless steel basket this wouldn’t be an issue, but unfortunately this very nice fryer is hobbled by its centerpiece that will likely wear out in a few weeks. Either fix the warranty or put in a better basket and you’ll sell a lot of these. But with a 30 day basket warranty you are scaring people off by your lack of confidence in your product. What a shame.
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on January 27, 2018
The cooking results have been great. But the first 2 times we used it, we heard a loud pop and discovered a hairline crack in our quartz kitchen countertops. We now use it on top of a large wood butcher block cutting board. No issues since. Banana bread, chicken thighs, fish & French fries have all been amazing!
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on December 16, 2017
After researching the best air fryers, I chose this one (5.8 qt.) because it had all the features of the higher priced Philips but at a lower cost. It works great! I had a little trouble with the basket/drawer not sliding back in easily at first. That has been remedied now. I just wiggle it a little as I push it in. In order to try to prevent the coating from peeling/flaking off as several reviews have mentioned, I will not be spraying Pam on them. Nor will I be cleaning them when they are still warm. Hand wash, and put back in the machine to dry with the heat on for a few minutes. We will see how this machine holds up!! I also bought the cookbook titled Air Fry Everything by Meredith Laurence which has many helpful tips on the use and care of the machine as well as 130 recipes.
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on December 7, 2016
We live in an RV, with limited counter space. Have seen all the infomercials, found this one on Amazon. This unit is a bit smaller than most of the other 'air fryers' out there, It says 2.7qt basket, sounds about right, at 4" deep, and 7" diameter, enough room to cook for two, families will want the bigger units though. My measurements show 12" high, and about 10" diameter around the middle, not including the handle.

When you hit the power button to start the cooking, the unit picks 370 degrees, and 15 minutes as a default, you just press the plus and minus buttons to set what you want, then power button again to start. I'm not a real recipe following guy, I tend to shoot from the hip, using whatever is at hand (raised three kids by myself, got pretty good at it). So here is my first few days with this sort of cooker.

First thing I tried were French fries, of course. I spiral-sliced thin curly-cues, shook in a bag with a tablespoon of oil, and some seasoning, popped in the basket, recipe said 20-25 minutes at 400. So I set the timer at 10 minutes, and let it cook. At 10 minutes I opened the basket to shake the fries a bit, and something looked wrong, they were nearly done, already?? So I shook them, set for 5 minutes more, at 350. I guess these were just cut too thin, because after 5 more minutes, they were very crispy brown potato sticks. None burned, just very, very thin. Note to self, reduce time on next item. Clean-up was just a wet paper towel to wipe basket and outer pan, very easy!

Next project was a couple of sandwiches. First I defrosted a boneless-skinless chicken thigh, sliced a bit and placed on a small piece of tin foil, cooked for 3 minutes at 350, then placed some ham strips on top the chicken, 1 minute at 350, then some swiss cheese for another minute. The meat came out perfectly, just place bread on the meat, turned the basket upside down, and the sandwich was nearly done. Then I used a silicon spatula to lift the melted cheese off the outer pan bottom (it did not stick, just lifted out), and added it to the rest of the sandwich. All tasty and crisp, note to self, just place cheese on the meat, and place basket back in the cooker for a minute, it will melt without extra heat.

Second sandwich was ham and cheese in a sandwich roll. Trimmed a bit of crust off the top and bottom of the roll, and buttered those surfaces. Placed sandwich in the basket, set for 300 degrees at 3minutes, and the sandwich came out perfect. Both sides crispy, meat and cheese cooked perfectly. Note to self, this cooks fast!

Next, was something I saw on the GoWise web site, pigs in a blanket. I used regular hot dogs, cut into thirds. Used a dough-in-a-can for the wrap, and made a little cream cheese filling with finely chopped yellow pepper. Added the filling, dogs, and rolled each one up. Placed in the basket, set for 300 degrees at 6 minutes, done. Could have used 5 minutes, all was cooked perfectly, some of the rolls were a bit browner than I wanted, but very tasty.

Now a big test, my wife got one of those big Costco chicken pasta salads in a big foil pan, you know, bake for an hour type thing. But we didn't have an hour, nor a giant oven, so, I dipped some of the pasta salad into a 6" Pyrex dish, placed in the basket, set the temp at 350, time at 15 minutes. After done, thought it needed another 5 minutes at 300 degrees, and done. Done on the inside, crispy on the top, perfect.

While that was cooling, I thawed two chicken thighs and coated with a bit of olive oil, seasoning, and panko crumbs. Into the basket, 8 minutes at 350, turn over, 7 minutes more, and perfectly crispy chicken as good as any out of an oil fryer. It really worked.

My winging it didn't cause disasters, it is very easy to work. But it does cook very fast, you will need to experiment with yours as they all might vary a bit. I will follow some recipes in the future, as I ordered a book to supplement the one that comes with the unit, need more ideas to wing it with :-) And all cooking episodes have cleaned up with just a wet paper towel, very easy.

I am very pleased with this unit.
Tonight, I will try fish, which needs little time to cook, so it will be a bit tricky for me to wing that, I might read a few recipes first.
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on January 25, 2018
Very skeptical, in general on air fryers, but my wife had to have it. Because of my skepticism, I did tons of research and found this to be best, at this price point. Thus far we have thoroughly enjoyed this product and my wife can't say enough great things about it. The only thing I have found, negative, are the recommended cooking times. Those times will need to be adjusted, usually longer, based on weight and amount. Otherwise, we are very impressed.
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on January 28, 2018
If you're like me, you take chicken nuggets really, really seriously. They are your go-to dinner on weeknights when your week is blowing up. They are your grab and go breakfast when you're running late. They're there for you in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad and they almost seem to know how you're feeling without you even having to say anything. They are your tiny rocks in the sea of life. You love chicken nuggets... you know you can't live with them microwaved, if you eat any more from a fast food place your arteries are going to explode, and so this obsession extends into your impulse purchases, to the point where you, like me, drop $100 on an appliance that you really only intend to use on chicken nuggets #NugLife

I'm just going to get straight to the point here. The air fryer is AMAZING at cooking chicken nuggets. Done. The rest of this review will reveal the secret setting of the perfect chicken nugget and talk about the air fryer experience #NugLife

This air fryer is huge. This air fryer also looks like Darth Vadors head. When you unwrap this, if you are not humming the imperial march in your head, I'm honestly surprised. Look at the picture and marvel at how enormous this air fryer is next to my Soda Stream. Wonder at the hordes of people you could feed chicken nuggets to... Shudder at the incredible amounts of counter real estate you would need to sacrifice to this device... Then think about perfectly crispy and moist chicken nuggets at your fingertips... #NugLife

Even after reading through the manual you are going to struggle a little bit with the airfryer UI. Don't worry too much - the only setting you really need to know is for chicken nuggets and this is...

350 degrees for 7 minutes.


Just turn it on, adjust the time and temp and start the cycle with the nugs in there are you will have nuggets that would bring a vegan to their knees, begging for a taste of your nugs #NugLife

This appliance is slick and futuristic and easy to clean. I hear in other reviews that you need to be gentle when cleaning the basket so I will hand wash. I don't think it gets too hot, but I'm keeping everything about 5" away as directed in the instructions. This is like an easy bake oven for adults that specilizes in chicken nuggets and for way less than other air fryers. Bless you, GoWISE.

In closing, I leave you with the nug commandments:

1. Thou shalt have no other love before nugs.
2. Thou shalt make unto thee many nugs in the kitchen.
3.Thou shalt not take the name of thy nugs in vain.
4. Remember the nugget day, and eat them wholly.
5. Honor thy fillings and thy breadcrumbs.
6.Thou shalt not kill thy appetite.
7. Thou shalt not commit nugdultery.
8. Thou shalt not steal nugs.
9. Thou shalt not bear microwaved nuggets.
10. Thou shalt not covets thy neighbors nugs.

#InNugsWeTrust #NugsForPresident #NugLife
review imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on August 1, 2016
Look, I love fries. Curly, steak, shoestring, crisscut, all of them! I spent $79 on this thing just to make fries & I am NOT disappointed! Sure, I've made other items in it such as a grilled cheese and chicken nuggets but I mainly use it for fries!! Just throw those bad boys in the tray, set the timer & walk away then come back to air fried deliciousness. Amazing.
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on November 26, 2016
I have been wanting this for a while so I broke down and bought it. I love my new air fryer.I have made french fries several times and they were excellent! I have also made grilled corn on the cob, pork chops and they came out perfect. Easy to clean and use. Great time saver as well! Works beautifully and cooks foods fast. Best of all minimal clean-up.
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on March 4, 2018
This was the fryer I targeted based largely on Amazon reviews. I urge all Amazon prime members to take a small amount of time to post an honest review of everything they buy. It helps us all make an informed decision. I am lazy, but doing all my reviews right now, on all my Christmas purchases. I adore Amazon Prime!!! I loved the look of this fryer. One of my wife's employees told her she was crazy about this air fryer she bought. Not sure of the brand. Her advice to my wife was that the 3.7 or whatever size was a bit small. I decided to buy the 5.8 qt GoWise air fryer. The box came in with multiple dents and some were severe. I photographed them all for return purposes. It turns out the fryer was not damaged,. My first impression after unboxing was twofold. It was beautiful in a gloss black finish with the glowing blue digital control buttons. Next was the is HUGE ! I have 20 feet of kitchen counter space, but this thing is huge. Washed it with mild soap and water and wiped it dry. Ready to go................................ Put in the perforated parchment pad, that I have to say worked great. Seasoned some chicken tenders and started the air fryer. All went well. The chicken cooked faster than I anticipated. This unit definitely has the temps down right. It will not under cook based on preset temps. Took out the food in the basket, and all was well. The next day, I wanted to do some fish. Went through the same process and the fish looked great. Went to take the basket and bottom container from one counter to another, and the bottom bowl fell to the floor sending grease everywhere. I thought it was me, so I tried tor 5 minutes to secure the basket to no avail. A simple process. Drop in basket into the bottom bowl and slide the button on the basket to lock it to the bowl. Cleaned it all and thought I would try the next day. Even with an empty fry basket, it kept separating from the bottom bowl. Before I asked for a return, I tried for a third day and same results. I noticed that ALL the air fryers use the same principal to connect the fry basket to the bottom bowl, and everyone complains about the same separation. Please solve a simple problem and find a way to LOCK the fry basket to the bowl so that we can enjoy these products with holding a towel under the bottom bowl waiting for it to fall to the floor. It's really too bad. A great product defused by a simple problem. Aside from the coatings flaking off from longer time users, I thought this fryer had great potential..
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