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on May 24, 2017
I love love my Air fryer. I recommend it to everyone.. My only Conplaint is that I only had it for a few months and the bottom of the fryers non stick coating is peeling off and it looks terrible..
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on January 2, 2017
I don't normally write review but this appliance is so amazing I feel obligated. It's so easy to use, wipes clean, and makes amazing fried foods without the calories of excessive oil. I'm thrilled. It's an appliance that we keep on the counter.

Update - 4 months after purchase:.
I love the appliance but it isn't as durable as it needs to be. The plastic button on the top of handle that allows you to eject the basket is already broken. The warranty states "For all GoWISE USA Air Fryers, the removable basket, tray, and all components are warrantied for 30 days from the day of purchase and DO NOT fall under the 1-year limited warranty of the unit."

Love the concept, perhaps another brand is a better option.
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on January 17, 2017
Originally, I had this as a 5*. It worked great and we used it often. We bought this April 2016. Fast forward to December 2016. We use it one night and it works fine. Go to use it the next night and the heating element is dead. I start the communication with GoWise on the 1-year warranty. I am told I have to mail it off for them to inspect. Plan on 3-4 weeks to inspect it and another 30 days for a replacement to be sent. I go to price boxing and packing this thing up. It is a little over $40 for the materials and shipping cost.

Do you research. There are 100s of reviews on GoWise products losing their heating elements. Once that goes, you simply have a fan that blows on food, nothing more. You would think with all of the negative feedback on the heating element that they would find the cause or simply ship the replacement parts at their expense.
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on November 3, 2016
I have had this for a few month with no problems. It gets used 2 to3 times a week and never machine washed. Well the non stick coating is coming off in chunks. Not wore through, but flaking off. It was great at first but didn't last.
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on December 14, 2016
Last summer we got the 5.8 Gowise Air fryer - and we liked it so much, we got the smaller 3.7 size fryer for our parents.
This is a great way to cook in the summertime, when you don't want to heat up the house. Our favorite recipe to make in the airfryer is the Mongolian Tofu, from the blog JL Goes Vegan. Tofu cubes turn into crispy pillows of deliciousness in the air fryer! (JL Fields new book, The Vegan Air Fryer: The Healthier Way to Enjoy Deep-Fried Flavors, will be available on Amazon in June of 2017!!)

We give the 3.7 unit 5 stars - and the 5.8 we'd give 4 stars - only because the bigger unit had problems at first:
During most recipes, you shake or stir the food half way through cooking - then slide the basket back in and continue cooking. With the 5.8 size, several times during the first month, the basket would not slide back in until the device had cooled down a bit - which was very aggravating! I was temped to return the unit - but the luckily problem was temporary - now it works fine. (we never had this problem with the smaller size.)

If you are trying to decide which size of air fryer you need, I'll attach pics of both units side by side. If cooking for two, the 3.7 is perfect.

I've read some reviews that say the teflon wears off the GoWise - we have not had that problem at all - I wonder if that may because we don't cook animals, so there is less grease? If you enjoy Gardein products, you'll love them even more from the air fryer - it cooks the Fishless Fillets and Crabless Cakes and Beefless Burgers to crispy perfection!
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on January 16, 2017
Was gifted this product for christmas. Was extremely excited! First 12 minute cooking worked fine. Went to reload and nothing. The timer would start to.countdown, but no fan. Checked manual, no info on errors, etc. All of a sudden noted the top of the cooker was pulling up. The unit hot that the whole top piece melted away. Apparently the fan wasnt working and without it to displace the heat, the plastic.of the unit couldnt handle the heat. Ok, sure, faulty unit, let me call the company and see how.we can remedy this. BIG MISTAKE. First I called several times, leaving a message, etc. Finally got someone real time to answer. She spewed off unapologetic, scripted nonesense. I explained our dilemma- that I wanted to try a new unit, but was leary to do so in case this wasnt just a fluke (as she half heartedly promised it was). I was informed that the allowable return date would be 3o days from purchase of the original machine. Are you kidding me? I had officially 3 days to mail the product back and get my new unit, which they would not ship until the inspected the old unit- and try it and hope it.doesnt break. After that point, they would be happy to continue replacing the machine, but wouldnt offer a refund. I decided to skip trying again and spend my money on a company with better cuatomer service. They said they would email me shipping label AFTER they got approval from thier.supervisor- which (get this) "could take a day or two up to 9"... wow. I.get an email 4 days later that it was appoved but they needed photos of the damage before they could send it. Laughable. Called amazon and had a shipping arrangement within minutes. Refund in my account upon pickup from UPS. Amazon should discontinue its relationship with this joke of a company. I urge you to not buy from here.
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on November 25, 2015
-if you are unsure about this product my review is worth the read!-

So, let me just start off by saying I don't typically write reviews unless the product is awesome, and this product is awesome! I have wasted so much money on eating out, because I'm a very picky eater. I like my fried foods and since I'm terrible at cooking, frozen pizzas get really old really fast. I would buy other frozen foods like chicken tenders, pizza rolls, French fries, onion rings..but they would all go to waste because none of them had the same crisp as what I would eat in the drive thru or restaurant when baking them in the oven.

I broke down and bought a fryer. I figured this would be the best option to save me money, however, the fryer was a pain in the ass! It used so much oil, was a huge mess, took up so much counter space, was awful to clean, and stunk up my apartment. I used it one time and was never going to use it again; I gave up and went back to wasting money on drive thru.

Last week a friend posted this air fryer on Facebook. I thought "no way..something that fries food with air? Get real!" But I had nothing to lose, so I did some research. The YouTube video that sold me was a video where the guy made a 1 lb salmon in this fryer. I don't even eat fish and this fish looked good enough for me to eat! I immediately bought it.

It came a day early, which is awesome, and I used it for the first time today. I fried chicken tenders, you know the ones that have just been sitting in my freezer, and was really nervous. If these didn't turn out well, I just wasted more money, but to my surprise these chicken tenders turned out AMAZING! Just as good as any restaurant. Perfect crisp on the outside and juicy/tender on the inside.

This was all great, but now I had to face cleaning it. Once again, I was pleasantly surprised because it's made out of nonstick material and cleaning was a breeze!! To top it off, it barely takes up any space on my counter. I live in an apartment, so my space is limited, but this fits great!! The chicken also wasn't greasy or anything! I'm telling you this is great and I can't wait to fry more food with air!
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on June 28, 2016
its not good .the bottom pans both chipped in 2 months
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on October 8, 2015
My husband bought this for me and I love my new toy. I've been looking at the Phillips air fryer for a few years and didn't want to pay the high price for it. I was skeptical about the taste and the actual performance. This is so much better than a regular toaster oven. I made chicken wings using the preprogrammed mode but reduced the time to 14 minutes. The wings were so juicy and the skin was crispy. I tried Costco frozen egg rolls in the fryer at 400 degrees 15 minutes and it was perfect. I've used it to bake banana bread and it was good. This is perfect for the two of us because the capacity Is just right. I love it. I wish i have more recipes for this
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on June 15, 2017
I purchased this air fryer in September of 2016 and while I love it, I also dislike it. I use it anywhere from 3-5 times a week for just about everything. Note: I am vegan, so no meat products are cooked in it at all. The teflon has held up well enough, but the screws inside are beginning to rust--even though I wash and immediately dry it to avoid the rust (I read reviews indicating it was necessary).
The basket doesn't always slide in because the guide is terrible, and it never completely closes--I can feel the heat escaping during cooking.
At some point the basket was dropped (my bad), and the handle cracked, so if you don't hold both the base and the basket thigs will go bad. During cooking you have to shake to prevent sticking (even when you use olive oil), and one out of five times I end up losing food. If you aren't careful, the other times the base will fall out when you pull out the basket.
Even with all of the frustrations I expected with this unit, I absolutely love the air fryer. This one just needs to be designed better.
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