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on April 1, 2017
I work in industrial robotics and motion control so I might have different expectations for gadgets like this. I've owned 3 of the original, better well known robot vacs and I always felt like none were really engineered to work in a real family environment (area rugs, pets,kids, etc...). They've always been noisy and not overly effective. They've seemed more like a "look I have a fancy robot thingy" gadget than an effective tool. They broke easily and weren't easy to get running again. I saw a review combined with a low price alert on one of the many gadget blogs I read and I accidentally bought this thing... I'd put it in my shopping cart so I could look at it later when we placed a quick order for something and didn't look closely at the contents before finishing the order.

i was prepared to ship it back, but I can't let a gadget be that close to me without checking it out. The design looked good and seemed like something I needed to play with. The big button on top was taunting me...

I've run it every day since. It's quiet and the amount of dirt, hair, etc... it picks up every day freaks me out a little. We surely sitting in the middle of that much dirt all this time. It easily navigates over the area rugs including the one with the tassel thingy on the ends with ease. I'm pretty sure the algorithm for moving around objects in the other robot vacs was better, but the algorithms don't mean much when the gadget can't effectively do its main purpose. I have 3 unused for probably more than a year vacs disassembled in my shop...and they're going in the recycle/garbage bin (after scavaging a few useable things).

Thank you Eufy for showing me how a robot vac is supposed to work. I threw away the box....this was a happy accident and it's not going back to Amazon.
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on November 26, 2016
We purchased this as a replacement for our 3-year-old Roomba 650, which recently died. The Eufy has only finished one vacuum cycle, so I clearly can't speak to longevity, but just some general early observations for anyone considering this brand new model.

It has two power modes, and the more powerful is recommended for carpet, so that is what we used.

The vacuum is shockingly quiet, even in the max power mode. As apartment dwellers, we had a rule that we never ran the Roomba after 9pm so that we wouldn't disturb neighbors. This one is quieter than our bedroom fan. It is so quiet that I would have no problem with my husband running it while I slept.

So far (again, brand new) it cleans far better than the old Roomba. It picked up a lot of cat hair that the Roomba wouldn't have, and the floors look just as good as they do when we do a full vacuuming. I'm very impressed.

The navigation is better. It does a good job navigating around things instead of bumping into them. The one issue I did find with this was that for things like chairs with dust ruffles, the Roomba would have gone right through the dust ruffle to clean under the chair, but the Eufy views it as a solid vertical surface and turns around to go somewhere else. Clearly under the chair is not a huge priority, so that's not a huge issue for us, but we will have to just move the chairs occasionally. It had no issue moving from carpeted areas to our kitchen/bathroom linoleum.

When it runs low on battery and needs to go home, it turns off the vacuum and silently navigates back home. This worried us at first until we realized it was a way to save battery while it finds the docking station. Clever feature! Hopefully that'll help it get stranded without battery less often than the Roomba did.

Overall we're very happy with it so far, and my mind is blown that in three years, Anker managed to make a vacuum so much better than our old Roomba at around half the price.

And it's shiny!

I'll update when the Eufy is a little older to give a sense of how it holds up.
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on June 14, 2017
We have owned several roomba early models over the years, and we have been mostly underwhelmed with overall suction, noise, and pickup power for the $300~$500 range robot vacuums. After our 4th broken Roomba we have had enough. We found this little gem at what seems like a price too good to be true. Skeptical but curious, we picked this "little RoboVac that could" on a whim, without expecting much given its' very reasonable price.

Boy, oh boy. We were wrong to be skeptical.

This overgrown hockey puck eats more socks and stray underwear than our dogs! The suction on this compact little dust demon is so strong that the exhaust port on its side, makes our curtains billow from 5 feet away, while on MAX mode.

Have I mentioned how loud this guy gets? Nope, wrong again. Our Euphy is one of the quietest (if not 'the' quietest) vacuums we have ever owned. You're sitting there watching your shows and all of a sudden... Boop! You're startled when this little dust ninja brushes against your ankle. It's got sweeper brushes on both sides, so you know it means business.

You want scheduled cleanings while you're out at work? No problemo! Same time every day, keeping the dogs on their toes while we're at work.

What about the battery and run time, you ask? Euphy lasts longer than I do. In standard cleaning mode, our Euphy runs well over two hours on a single charge.

And once done, it finds its way back to its charging station with a satisfying "Doot doot doot doot" chime, just to let you know it's had it with your shenanigans. Full disclosure, I sadistically tucked away the charging station three rooms away. It's like Homeward Bound, but there's less dog hair when it's done.

Cleaning out the dust bin? One hand, three seconds. Bam! Done.

We. Fricken. Love. This little dust, dirt, dog-hair, underwear, sock, phone charging cable gobbling little robot vacuum. It's helped us be more conscious of leaving things lying around on the floor, helping us form better habits. It has made our floors spotless, and our lives easier.

If this is the only review I ever write, it will have been enough. If we could give this Euphy 6 stars, we would.

Thanks Lil' Euphy!
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on March 28, 2017
Great alternative to a stand-up vacuum. Cleans each room that I put it in very well in an hour or two.
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on March 27, 2017
I just received this vacuum today. After about 4 hours charging it was ready to go. The remote and instructions are incredibly simple to follow.

I was very skeptical at first. I didn't expect much from it. I vacuumed the house with our Dyson first because I wanted to see if it could get anything left behind. Boy, did it ever.

This thing is almost silent. Literally. Unless you put it on max mode, even then it's not anywhere near as loud as an upright. I set it down, turned it on and let it begin its job.

It ran around for approximately 45 min avoiding all obstacles and stopping itself several times in a balcony area of our home. For the price, you just can't beat it.

Also I have 2 chihuahuas that bark at EVERYTHING. It's so quiet they didn't bark once... that alone left me speechless.

I've included a photo of what it picked up after the mighty Dyson pre vacuum. I am 100% sold on this product.
review image
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on May 9, 2017
I swore there was no way the Poo Fiasco could happen to me..... two days after purchase my dog (who never uses the bathroom in the house) had an accident. I think it was my fault as I placed the charging station beside my dogs bed. I set it to run at 10am while we were away at work. As far as I can tell it came on and literally scared the poop out of my 14 year old dog. Long story short, after mopping 7 times, completely disassembling the vacuum and buying a new area rug it works great. I have since changed the time to 7pm so it only runs while we are home. Just a word of advice. I was amazed and pleased on how much hair/dirt it picks up every day. Hopefully the smell fades as my memory of the event does...
review image
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on March 8, 2017
Small and quite quiet
Dust bin the size of vermont
Dog hair disappeared
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on January 23, 2017
 This was a replacement for the Aker 10 that worked well but only lasted six months. Out of the box it would only run five minutes on our NON thick or high carpeting but worked great on our one hardwood room. Aker/ Euphy is currently emailing me and staying in communication but how can a vac not work on very low carpeting. It stop and beeps after five minutes run time rendering it useless. They said sending another unit would not help due to its working on hardwood but not on the carpet. The anker Robovac 10 worked wonderfully on the carpet and hardwood before it bit the dust. at his point I am hoping for a refund but I cannot imagine they built a vac that wont work on the very flat carpeting we have. I have added photos of our supposed to high I will update this review if Anker/Euphy makes things right Update 02/17/17: So they sent me a couple of vacs but had the same problem and apparently it is my particular style of carpet. Its not the size but it has that tight loop ending. So while disappointed that to run it well I need to be home in case it stuck in its cycle I am very pleased with this company. They refunded me in full due to the amount of times having to mail the vac in and even gave me a which helps in the light vacume duties. This one of the few Aplus companies left!
review image
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on June 9, 2017
 It seems to get stuck allot. I have several throw rugs on tile that it has difficulty with, even though they are well within the 15mm height specification given by the Eufy manual. It also has trouble with any real color contrast on the surface it is cleaning, as shown in the video. This includes lightly color tile I have with dark 1/2 inch grout. I think that the infrared sensor feature is more of a problem then a benefit for my uses. It's disappointing because other then getting tripped up in these cases it does a decent job of picking up debris and runs for a good hour and half. I think that it will always get stuck when running downstairs for me but I'll try and use it upstairs where the surfaces aren't as challenging, and maybe try an iRobot for downstairs.

UPDATE: So, from a tip on the web I placed masking tape over the three IR detectors on the bottom. It works much better now not getting hung up on the dark and black colors on my floor. Of course with the tape it would run right off the edge of the stairs, but this is on the first floor. I'm sure the official Eufy people can't endorse this, but if you don't have to worry about Eufy driving off a cliff, this is a great solution. I updated my rating one star.
review image
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on May 8, 2017
The product worked for about 4 1/2 weeks. Just long enough to not return it to Amazon. After it broke all calls to the company for help have thus far gone unanswered, I sat on hold for an hour and a half on one call. After I gave up and selected the option to have them call me back, its been over a week and no one has called.

The product itself (when it worked) was serviceable enough, it wasn't perfect but it was 'helpful'. It often got stuck, and didn't return to its base. But it was reasonably effective at picking up dust/dirt while it was vacuuming. It wasn't a complete replacement for vacuuming, but it helped cut down the weekly effort.

After roughly a month mine started giving errors. It would give an error that the sensors are dirty, so you'd clean that out and then it immediately gives you an error the vacuum is clogged, so I cleared that out and it gives me an error the brush is stuck, so i'd remove and clean that. Then it'd go back to saying the sensors are dirty. It just continuously goes in this circle of errors no matter what I do to it. It will not clean/work anymore.

I called the company as I am now outside of my Amazon return window however, the customer service is completely non-existent. Its pretty clear they don't stand by their product. For the price, its a gamble.. if you get one that works then you got a good deal. If you get one that breaks.... whether under warranty or not, you're not getting any help, so its toast.
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