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on December 19, 2017
I have had Eufy since the end of October 2017. It is an amazing little creation. We have all tile floors and a cat and eufy really was helping clean the floors.

HOWEVER.... the swivel ball broke a week ago and it no longer stays attached to machine. We lightly use this machine. We were not hard on it. It just broke.

After I purchased eufy the seller contacted me by email and asked me to write a review. The seller also said the following in their email “As always, we stand behind our products and will work tirelessly to put things right if you encounter any problems. Simply reply to this email to get hassle-free support.“

Sounds good right? Except.... I have sent two emails explaining that Eufy is broken and I have not heard back. So much for hassle free support.

I liked Eufy until it broke. $259 for a machine that worked for only 6 weeks is too high a price to pay. Beware

Update: 12/27/17
Eufy seller contacted me after I left review of broken eufy. Said they would help me with broken part on eufy. So far I have not received the part .... but I am hopeful I will get it soon. Too bad I had to leave a review to get their attention. My previous emails to them had gone unanswered.
Customer service is important when you spend this much on a product.
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on November 3, 2017
Bottom line up front: Nice robotic vacuum if you know of and accept it's limitations

This review is for the second Robovac 11+ I received. The first one would not return to it's charging station and Eufy quickly sent me a new replacement vacuum. The second one returns to it's charging station without any issues so far (I've only let it run through one vacuuming cycle). Although I do feel good about the customer service and do not have any hesitation they will take care of me in the future. Eufy (Anker) customer service has always been good taking care of any product issues I've had.

My house has a mix of tile, area rugs, and the majority is a low carpet. The carpet isn't what I would consider "low pile" but it certainly isn't shag carpet. The vacuum navigates everything without issues except for two of the smaller area carpets. They are too light and the vacuum bunches them up.

This vacuum works good for what it is; a non-mapping vacuum that will eventually get to all of the areas in your house. The navigation in this vacuum is not the same as that of a higher end Roomba or Neato costing 3-4 times as much. Those vacuums map out your house and will repeatedly follow that route during each vacuuming cycle. This Robovac 11+ does not have any memory of what it has been or where it will be going. It starts off in a direction from it's charging base and only changes it's path when it detects an object or bumps into something. It will then change direction and repeat this process. The algorithm seems to like right turns and it can sometimes get obsessed with one area or corner of the house. Be patient and give it time. It will eventually get out of that area and move to another area. The bump detection of the vacuum is not heavy handed and hasn't marked anything up in my house by bumping into it. Typically the vacuum will lightly bump into an object and then change directions. However, before the "bump" feature is engaged it detects an object and never bumps into it.

I would recommend this vacuum for a smaller house around 1,000-1,200 sq ft. My house is 1,500 sq ft and I feel that this amount of space is too much for the Robovac 11+.

- Low cost compared to other robotic vacuums
- Picks up a surprising amount of dirt/debris
- Navigates different flooring without issue
- Easy to empty dust bin
- Comes with replacement filter and brushes
- Easy to use with the provided remote control
- Customer service is VERY helpful

- No mapping or memory of your house
- Battery on the 11+ is *NOT* replaceable - Eufy customer service says their team is "working on it"
- No app or wifi connectivity
- Prep work of your home is needed so the vacuum doesn't get stuck (tuck wires away, etc.)

Please click YES below if this review helped you. Feel free to ask any questions. I will be happy to answer them.
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on January 17, 2018
UPDATE: My eager beaver has started cleaning at midnight without being programmed. This is a huge problem and from the questions, it's common. I've emailed the company. I don't want to return it because it works so well, but I can't have it running wild all hours of the day and night. I don't know. For the work it does and the low cost, I might have to learn to live with some quirks.
2nd Update: After the 2nd night of haunted cleaning, I turned it off. It was off for about 18 hrs before I got back to it. I cleaned the roller brush, unplugged the base, then set it back up Plugged in the base, put unit back on the base and turned it on. I decided to send it to clean for a quick once around and sent it back to the base via the remote. And waited for midnight. It slept through the night. If this happens again, I'm gong to just turn it off. It does what I want it do which is clean, not be a toy/gadget. I'm really not that interested in the bells and whistles. My upright vacuum is supposed to clean and it doesn't come close to the work this one does. So if it has issues, as long as it cleans, I'm happy.
It makes it back to the base on it's own about half the time, depending on where it is when it starts back. Again, not an issue for me because I don't run it when I'm not at home.
Another tip is about maintenance. After running it about 2-3 times a week for the past 3 weeks, I noticed it was running rough and loud. After a thorough cleaning of the roller brush, it's running quiet and smooth again. I have 3 pets and loads of hair and it's not warm weather yet. You have to maintain it and give it a clear path. Remember you are the human.
Before I made the purchase, I googled top/best rated robot vacs and this one came up at the top of the list over the $900 Roomba. I have never been so happy with a product. This thing is amazing. It's the first day and I'm beyond impressed. Before it got here, I did a thorough cleaning to help it out. I have one dog, 2 cats and 2 people with big feet. It's always a hair/ dust mess. So I swept and mopped. I wouldn't have left that much mess for anything. I got all the wires, cords, and cables off the floor. Took chairs out that we don't use. I prepped the house. It has freedom to do it's job and I don't have to worry about it getting trapped. I wanted success and I got it. It's obsessed. Don't pay the big money for the fancy brand. I like that I can actually direct it to dirty areas with the remote if I don't want to wait for it to find them. When I told my tech son that I ordered it, I got the eye roll. Now he's a believer. Says "this thing is awesome!" It's in the kitchen working away while I sit here and type. Right out of the box it went to work and went into every room of the house like a scout. A friend told me it's learning the lay of the land. I just went to divert it from the kitchen using the remote. I'm thrilled.
I don't have carpet since my dog loves to pee on rugs, so I can't say anything about that. All tile and dark laminate. The dark color hasn't been an issue. It went behind a chair and found a hairball. After that, it worked behind the chair until it was satisfied it was clean. Others have said it works great on cat litter. I won't risk it. Every vacuum I've ever had was ruined with sticky cat litter. I'll take care of that myself to protect this wonderful thing. It's only January and the dog is already shedding. I can't imagine another Spring and Summer of daily sweeping only to look back and see more hair flying across the floor. I'll run it every night if I have to. It's quiet enough to watch TV and talk on the phone. It just finished after running for over an hour and a half and made it's way home. It was pretty far away, but it got there.
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on October 19, 2017
Over the years I've owned a number of robot vacuum cleaners, including a number of iRobot products. I'm very impressed with the RoboVac line, and prefer it over the iRobot. This is our second Eufy Robovac having also purchased the prior model Robovac 11 last year which we have used daily with great success. This vacuum looks good - sporting a classy minimalistic appearance. It has a smooth glass top surface which is easy to keep clean and is resistant to damage from furniture impacts. Everything about this vacuum from packaging to the product has a premium upscale feel to it. The new vacuum is noticeably quieter than the prior model, and it navigates faster than the old model. I am very pleased with its cleaning performance - it's amazing how much dust and debris end up in the collection bin after each and every cleaning cycle. Speaking of the collection bin, this model's bin has been redesigned and is now significantly larger. It also has a foam filter in addition to the paper filter. This vacuum has improved proximity sensors and now rarely bumps into objects, deftly navigation around object while avoiding collisions.

The cleaning pattern appears to be random, but by the end of the cleaning cycle, the floor is clean. Once the cycle is completed, the vacuum will roam around the house "looking" for the charging base and upon locating it, will cleverly park itself on the charging pad. All in all, we love our Eufy, and this new model improves upon the prior one. Would definitely recommend!
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Top Contributor: Arduinoon December 29, 2017
I recently bought this vacuum on sale after having used a Neato XV for over two years.

In comparison to that robot, this is significantly quieter, more powerful, and lasts longer on one charge. I really like the long brushes that rotate to grab debris from edges, and the filtration is excellent as it doesn't eject dust or smells into the air. I also really liked the inclusion of the remote- either to set modes on the fly or to navigate the robot around rooms... which as I will explain later, is extremely useful.

After a bit less than a month of use, my first Robovac died. It would go about its business with scheduled cleanup, moving throughout the house... except that there was no suction. Anker was kind enough to give me a RMA label and hassle-free return, and my second Robovac is currently running trouble-free. I'll update this review if my second one dies.

Warranty aside, this Robot does have some significant downsides. First, despite the more powerful wheel motors compared to my Neato Botvac, it would have significantly more trouble getting out of places and ends up being trapped far more often. Sometimes it's not clear why this happens as it would beep for help despite no noticeable obstacles. Other times, it would repeatedly go into small corners and not be able to move out, despite me being able to navigate it out using the remote. I used the remote a LOT. Unlike my Botvac, it also had major issues with electrical cords, often running over and unplugging them when my Neato would just scoot over them. And finally, the Robovac cleans the room in a pattern that can charitably be described as chaotic. I think eventually it does end up cleaning my entire house (as I cannot find any areas of dirt cleanup), but it does not cover the room in a repeatable pattern like the Neato- it would simply pick a direction and go along it with vague recognition of some obstacles, bumping into others and picking a new direction. In a way, this is very similar to how a Roomba behaves, yet its stupidity in navigating around obstacles and the like means it takes a while and needs some attention to complete cleaning. Because of this I now schedule the Robovac to clean when I'm actually in the house, whereas in the past I had a fairly high degree of confidence that my Neato would not get stuck if I had it vacuum while I was at work.

So all in all, I think most of hardware for the Robovac is there, but it clearly needs some refinement on its cleaning algorithm as well as something to help prevent it from getting so easily stuck on cables and the like. When on sale, I would highly recommend this to someone with a relatively 'easy' floor layout, but otherwise I'd wait for a generation or two of refinement.

[Edit 1/16/2018] Anker/Eufy contacted me after my review and asked me for some more information. Specifically with some videos of the problem areas; after this they suggested some solutions for the trapping problem that I've encountered. One thing I learned is that the Robovac 11+ is actually slightly higher in height than the original 11 (4mm differential), so keep this in mind if the Robovac 11+ gets stuck in certain furniture areas. While the product is unfortunately is what it is, I do appreciate that Anker tries to keep their customers happy and actually get involved in the design/troubleshooting process.

As far as my recommendation goes- it still remains: If you have an easy floor layout with relatively little clutter and cables on the floor, then the Eufy Robovac would be more than sufficient for cleaning. It has very powerful suction and very quiet operation, and lasts forever on a charge. However, for more challenging floor layouts, some more work is needed to accommodate this robot.
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on January 10, 2018
Just got this RoboVac for the same purpose as everybody have a ride for my French Bulldog. My fur 'baby' is like 32lbs and its way too small for her to ride it. If then you may think it would be a work out toy for your baby to chase it - well its not fast enough. Most disappointing fact was she never even tried to ride it. Maybe the seller should integrate something that smells like chicken on the top of the Vac and build in faster motor like a remote control toy car...? Most disappointing part was that she didn't bark at it or even try to bite it like she does with the normal Vacuum Cleaner!
All she does is - watch it and barks if it gets stuck. Unfortunately since Amazon is not selling human babies yet I can't comment on that. As soon as they do I will buy one and will comment on that!

Now, the vacuuming part...well that is all different is amazing! It vacuums really like nothing I have seen in others. The bin is big and I have a 2500 ft house. It works its way through the whole house and just does an excellent job! I can't say about the durability b/c I just got it but to me so far its amazing! Easy to empty the bin and it really sucks up the dog hair and dander. So I love the vac part.

UPDATE: I used it a hand full of times and today and yesterday it does not work anymore. It goes 2 feet forward and turns around 180 degrees and goes over the same 2 feet again, turns around and goes again over the same 2 feet. The function to vac along the walls works fine but nothing in the middle of the room. That happened after only 3 months after receiving the vac. So sad :(
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on January 28, 2018
This is my first robotic vacuum and I really wanted to like it. I have mixed feelings.

It's operating in my kitchen/family room and living room as I type this.

First the cons- It's great on bare floors and I can't believe how much dust, grime and pet hair it picks up but it's useless on low pile carpet and gets stuck for seemingly no reason. A lot. I have to hunt for it and sometimes find it aimlessly trying to get out from against the wall with no obstructions that would block it. It gets stuck on our low area carpets even though their edges are flat and has a difficult time getting over very low thresholds. 

There is a lot of preparation needed because cords get tangled and that's never a good thing.

There are three degrees of suction and I'm not impressed with the highest level on the carpet. It misses a lot and I'm not liking the aimlessness. So far today it has missed an area in front of the stairs after going so far and turning around, not getting the last few inches. It goes over the same spots over and over while missing great swatches of areas. It leaves crazy lines in the carpet because of this. My floor looks like Chicago's O'Hare Airport right now.

The bin seems small but since this is my first robotic vacuum, I have nothing to compare it to. I also wish it had a finder built into the remote and a signal to alert to trouble. It's like kids. If they're quiet they're in trouble. I just found it locked under the sofa in the living room.  

Now the pros- As I said, it's great on bare floors with few obstructions. I keep the base in our tiled sunroom where our Great Pyrenees/yellow lab spends her days watching MSNBC, chewing on raw bones and eating the second of two leather recliners. She sheds like no dog I've ever known, so I was looking for a vacuum that would be up to the task. We also have five birds and the dander is crazy. After blocking off any cords and items that might catch it, I set autoclean for midnight every night. When I go to bed the floor is covered in fur. When I wake up, it's all gone, most of the time I find it cradled in its base sleeping  and the bin is full of the hair and dust from the day before. The nightly schedule has worked out wonderfully. I remove the bin, empty it, take out the paper filter, shake it off and wash the bin and filters. When I get home from work I put everything back in, ready for its night shift.

The battery life is amazing! It will go for 90 minutes, shut down and search (aimlessly) for its base. I watched it take a good ten minutes to find it in a 20 x 15 room, but it finally made it.

I bought this particular unit for one specific purpose- to sweep our sunroom. I just noticed the hardwood floors in the dining room and foyer are scratched in semi-circles and swirls, so after its trial run inside, I won't be using it there again. I also wouldn't consider buying another Eufy just for this reason. It does a great job in the tiled sunroom, eventually gets up most of the fur and dander, but it will never be used in the house again. It looks like we'll need to refinish our wood floors sooner than planned.
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on November 20, 2017
I really like this RoboVac 11+ so far. (I've had it for 12 hours and have only used it once) Due to the cons listed below, however, I also ordered the iRobot Roomba 690 to try out to see if I might like that better. The prices right now are only $25 apart, so might as well try it out. One of my concerns with Eufy is it hasn't yet built a long reputable history. While the RoboVac 11 has earned top spots in many comparative reviews, only time will tell how long it actually lasts. From what I can tell on these reviews, that seems like many units only last for 3 months... I know iRobot's Roomba devices can easily last for years. On a similar note, I'm concerned when it comes time to replace parts on my Eufy, it may be harder to find them than it would be for Roomba.

Pros: Very quiet, picks up a lot! (can't believe my floors were that dirty; you'll be surprised too). You can't beat the price, but Eufy seems to be raising their prices recently whereas other brands are lowering them...

Cons: No way to schedule what day(s) to clean on. You can schedule it, but then it will run at that time every single day unless you turn the thing off. Most other brands have a way for you to schedule it to run, say 3 times per week, rather than 7. I also wish it would go back to cleaning once it dies and has recharged. That's a really nice feature to have. Though I guess if the thing runs 7 times a day, eventually then my whole place should get cleaned. Furthermore, I'm not a fan of having to memorize what all the different light colors, light patterns, and number of beeps mean to understand what my RoboVac needs from me. I'd rather an app notify me that I need to replace a part, or clean a filter, than hoping I'm home and hear 1, 2, or 3 beeps to know what I need to do. My RoboVac had a really hard time finding its way home to the charging base. I put the thing right in front of it with nothing anywhere near it other than the base, and it still went in the exact opposite direction or tried to climb on top of its own charging base. Silly RoboVac. Lastly, and this is important, the path the RoboVac takes is superrrrr random. It went to the same section of my living room 10 times, and completely ignored another section in its entire cleaning. Same story in my bedroom; it refused to go around my bed even though there is a ridiculous amount of space for it to get by.

I have the Power Boost mode turned on, and never hear it come on when I do the carpets vs the hardwood floors. If it is on, it's super quiet which is awesome.

I have 30 days to return this thing, so I'm going to try it out for a few more, and compare it myself to the iRobot Roomba 690. I will return whichever I like least (or give it to a family member for Christmas...)
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on November 8, 2017
Our first story is a large open concept about 2,000sqft. This creates a few issues.
- NO MAPPING - The vacuum does not know where it has been before so it will go over the same area many times without getting to new areas. It is a pinball in the pinball machine, for large spaces the chance that it would cover everything is little.
- NO CHARGE AND RESUMES. On a schedule between 12am and 6am it does out once runs out of power then returns to base, once it returns to base it will not go back out even if it is within that 6 hour window. You have to manually tell it to run again. This once again creates problems in a big area where one charge can not cover the whole space
- NO BOUNDARIES, Given my larger space I thought I would be able to block of ares with a magnet or invisible wall like other brands, no luck with this bot. There is no way to tell it not to go somewhere short of blocking its path physically with a box or door, etc...

I ran the vacuum in a smaller area up stairs a few bedrooms and a loft and it seemed just fine up there. It was able to get in and out of the rooms, with some hesitation, but cleaned 98% or the area in one go and found its way back. I approx that area to be about 1000sqft which seems to be a good limit for the bot.

- It power houses into items. We found on many occasions that it would push objects out of the way or make them all over even when the front bumper was being used to push the item.
- It climbs over items. Our couch has a 1.5" lip for its base and it climbed right over it and then wedged its self under the couch.
- Power following of edges. TO follow and edge it would just bounces off of it until it eventually made it the whole way, see video.
- We found it wasted a lot of time/battery power trying to get around what I would consider simple obstacles/areas. See video.

Hope this is helpful to all. PS. the No Charge and Resumes, No Boundaries, No Mapping was all verified on a call with one of Eufy's reps.
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on October 23, 2017
Update December 2017
We ended up putting boards around the Lazyboy to fix the Eufy from getting stuck.

Another update is that the Eufy does not consistently start or not start when the remote is programmed as such, resulting in the Eufy running when I didn't schedule it to and at other times running at a different time then it is programmed. Not a big deal. I power cycle the remote and the Eufy and that seems to help.

Anker already reached out about the original review and was kind to offer help (though it was not necessary).
I appreciate that Anker has solid customer service and great products.

I purchased the Eufy RoboVac 11+ (High Suction).

First I will say that I LOVE this little vacuum cleaner. It does a good job of picking up pet hair and dirt on my laminate and vinyl floors in my smallish 870 sqft townhome.

Picks up an incredible amount of pet hair, dust bunnies, and dirt around the house and is able to navigate around table and chair legs really well.

The noise level is indeed noticeable (apparently due to the extra powerful motor), but is quieter than a typical vacuum and does not seem to bother my dog. I have just learned not to use it at night as it is loud enough to be annoying when trying to sleep even with a white noise machine on in the bedroom.

I can also be annoying that it tends to get stuck easily on low furniture or cords. I placed wood boards in front of places where cords dangle on the ground (under our entertainment center and an end table used for our small fish tank) and used Command clear hooks running above the baseboards to hold the charging base cord off of the ground as well (see photo).

However, Eufy still get's stuck on my Lazyboy recliner as it wants to crawl up onto the base and then gets stuck at an angle. A part of the problem seems to be the tight space between the recliner and our loveseat. I have not clue how to fix this short of buying another chair or building a "board enclosure" around the base, which really would be silly to look at and have to be moved when the chair is in use. I have moved furniture further apart, which seems to help, but now our living and dining room space is too crowded.

I am open to suggestions from what others have done.
review imagereview image
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