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‘Silent Victim’ is thrilling, gripping and amazing. Caroline Mitchell has delivered everything you want from a thriller. I was hooked from the prologue and I did not put it down until the last swipe as it totally messed with my head.

As an avid reader who loves to read crime, I was astounded at how much I was shocked by this book. Just as I thought I’d worked things out, a twist would come out of nowhere and as the story unfolded I really couldn’t make my mind up as to who was telling the truth.

The prologue is one of the best suspense ones I’ve read - Mitchell really plays with your mind in ‘Silent Victim’ thats the beauty (if you can call it that) of this book... you don’t know what or who to believe.

The story is told through three main characters Alex, Emma and Luke and when you first start reading it you need to concentrate as you move between characters and jump to different time periods/years... however the talented Caroline Mitchell has set all chapters out clearly so it isn’t confusing.

The story contains short chapters and is so cleverly written, it’s easy to read. It had everything that makes a perfect mystery and is one the best Kindle First’s I have ordered. I would highly recommend it. You will not be disappointed. 
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on February 1, 2018
An absolute winner from Caroline Mitchell.
This stand alone book is so good.
The chapters are told from the perspective of Emma, both now and in the past, her husband Alex, and Luke who was her teacher.
Luke very cleverly made friends with his pupil who had quite a tough home life. It creeped me out to be honest, seeing how easily young girls could get seduced by the attention.
I like Emma’s wedding boutique and the interactions with her sister Theresa and shop assistant Josh. There were some funny exchanges with brides-to-be!
It was so chilling in parts that it gave me goosebumps as I read. Especially when Emma was home alone and hearing things. The setting in Mersea Island meant their home got cut off by the tide at certain times, and this added tension.
Very well written and perfectly paced. There were some light-hearted parts and some really suspenseful parts of the book, it kept me turning the pages.
Silence, secrets and lies…this book has it all.
Thanks to Caroline Mitchell, Thomas & Mercer, and NetGalley for the ARC copy in which I give an honest review.
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I love dark psychological suspense, and was looking forward to reading this one. The story intrigued me at the start, but things, for me, fell apart as they went along. I'll do my best to explain without spoilers.

The story is told via three narrators - Emma, her husband Alex, and the supposed dead man Luke - all in first person. We also go back and forth with three timelines: 2017, 2013, and 2002/2003. All the transitions are clearly marked at the start of the chapters, so you need to pay attention to the year and the narrator's name. I had no problem with this layout, though I'm not a fan of this much back-and-forth storytelling.

Early on, we're treated to Luke's psychopathic narration, and we see his seduction of teenage Emma. This is handled well, in that we witness the way a predator grooms a child and we feel for Emma's situation. The problem in giving Luke this narrating part and showing us exactly what happened is that it takes all suspense away from Emma's current part. As the story unfolds, everyone but we readers is questioning whether Emma has made up the whole thing. Is she crazy? Is she the one obsessed? I would've liked to be asking those same questions along with the other characters.

The pace is slow through the first 3/4 of the book. We spend a whole lot of time in each character's thoughts, mulling over the same thing, over and over. The suspense quickly turned into tedium for me.

There isn't a whole lot of character development. We only see them through the lens of the specific situation. I found it difficult to connect with any of them, and I just didn't feel the emotion I should have given such a powerful topic.

I saw the twists coming early on, though I have to say that I expected a slightly different take on one of them. I can't get into the specifics, and will only say that it changed my opinion of Emma. The way the twist played out made me lose sympathy for her. More importantly, I couldn't make the leap of someone in her situation choosing as she did in such a calculating manner.

The last quarter of the book speeds up considerably. The outcome is predictable and, sadly, by the time I got there I found I didn't really care.
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There were three Kindle first picks that looked promising, but I think I picked well because this kept my interest enough for me to finish it in a day.

The story is told from three POV: Emma, her husband Alex, and Luke. Luke's POV chapters are almost all told in the past, when he was Emma's teacher. Luke is a predator, he likes teenage girls, and he's very good at grooming them and making himself look like a victim. Emma was pretty much a mess, but her whole life just seemed to be one horrible event after another. Alex was kind of annoying with his "won't anyone think of me" attitude, I rolled my eyes at him more than a few times.

It's a fast-paced book, lots of twists and turns (especially near the end), making me unsure of who to believe at times. It doesn't help that no one is quite truthful when they're explaining themselves, but that just makes me want to read faster!
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on February 1, 2018
I chose this as my Amazon First for February and got hooked immediately. If you’re interested in how sociopaths can charm and manipulate their victims, with the intent of being malicious and breaking them, you are in for an excellent read. Great perspective from the main characters so you know what’s going on their minds. Keeps you guessing. Well worth reading. I hope the author writes more books on this subject.
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on February 19, 2018
This book reminded me of how I sometimes get sucked into a lifetime for women made for tv movie. Flipping through channels and some couple minutes of drama reeling me in until I realize it and think damn now I have to see what happens. That was exactly the case here. The story felt incredibly contrived. Mystery after mystery, lies abound. It's the first book in a long time that I almost skipped to the end. I just wanted to find out what was really going on and be done with it. I give the author credit that with so much lying and confusion - and maybe a bit of incredulous decisions of the characters - it was hard to see what was coming next. But I'm left with the same feeling I have after watching lifetime for women - I could have been doing (or reading) something more worthwhile.
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on February 9, 2018
A run of the mill thriller with several unreliable narrators - only Alex, the husband, in this derivative thriller is believable, and the reader isn't sure ab out him either in this twisted tale of a happy famiy torn apart when the past comes back to haunt them with a vengeance. Emma believes she killed the teacher who took her innocence when she was a teenager and then returned to terrorize her. It can't be Luke, she thinks - ghosts don't have flowers delivered to her bridal boutique, make phone calls and then hang up when she answers, or leave reminders of that awful day in her car. B ut when she digs up the shallow grave she buried him in and finds it empty, she begins to doubt her sanity - which is also compromised by a tedious back story involving her persistent eating disorder, depression , and bizarre behavior. It will pass the time on an otherwise boring plane trip, but that's aboout all there is to recommend it.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon February 8, 2018
It was very hard to put this book down. I could have sat up all night and read it all in one sitting if I wasn't worried about keeping my job. The author does a great job of showing a sexual predator as he chooses and grooms his young victim, and she kept me guessing as to how much of the aftermath was real and who can be believed. It was fascinating how she showed the aftermath (the young girl as an adult with a family) and how family members are affected as well, both of the victim and the guilty party -- but again, it is sometimes hard to guess who is guilty of what.

The book is not exploitive or explicit. I am always horrified by books and movies that describe or show things like rape and other forms of violence against women in close-up detail, cameras slowly showing traveling up the naked body of a bound or dead woman, and then seeming to say, "tsk, tsk, isn't this horrible, wink, wink," while they zoom in for more and then have characters talk about it again and again. (I am thinking of TV shows like Criminal Minds and Law & Order SUV.) There is none of that here. We understand the psychological effect and repercussions, and we don't need to know all the details.

I am giving it five stars because it was original, moved fast, and kept me guessing. It does have some plot holes if you stop and think about things, but don't, just read and enjoy.
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on February 4, 2018
The story centers around a lot of psychological abuse. If you have dealt with that personally, it may stir emotions up. The book's description didn't give me enough warning on that, so I think it needs to be said. The plot was good. The writing was good, but there weren't a ton of twists. Overall, a good book despite some of the chapters being hard to read.
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on February 9, 2018
Possible (mild) Spoilers:

Ten minutes into this book I said to myself, "The author has worked in law enforcement, social work, or is a mental health professional." For anyone who has experienced sexual assault or abuse from a person who has authority or power over them, this book may be too intense. I, myself skipped about a third because I felt I could write it. It was very well written but some parts were just too intense for me. I considered not finishing but I had to see how it ended so I skimmed several chapters so I knew the salient points without becoming overwhelmed. So four stars because I couldn't read it in its entirety.

For anyone who loves or wants to better understand someone who has suffered this kind of abuse and wondered how it could possibly happen to an intelligent person, please read this book! I think you will give it five stars.

I had a couple of quibbles with plot, thinking, no, that character as I understand them, wouldn't do that. But people do erratic and stupid things, so there ya' go. I may be the only one who has a problem here.
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