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I was very skeptical about how good this could be at the price point it is at. For years I have wanted a Roomba, but the price and battery life has kept me away. Also the fact that Roombas are well known to not do a great job on carpet unless you buy the really expensive one and even then some people complain. All of the amazing reviews on this and it's re-labeled clone (Eufy) convinced me to give it a try.

Upon arrival I unboxed it and noted the high quality engineering, extra side brushes and spare filter. A nice touch! The included remote requires a couple of AAA batteries, which I had. I peeled the protection stickers off and hit 'Auto' on the remote to see what it could do. I was amazed at how well this avoids people, pets and furniture! I let it run for about 30 minutes, then checked the pickup bin and was horrified at the amount of stuff this thing got off my man-cave carpet. It wasn't more than two days prior I vacuumed with my Dyson!

Next I placed the recharger down on the carpet against a wall and decided to let it go for a full cycle and see if it would find its recharger. After about 2 hours it made it's way to the charger and I found the first minor flaw of this.. The charging station should have a weight in it to improve stability, especially on carpet. Not a huge deal of course, but added a small 1-2lb piece of metal in the bottom would really improve the feel and stability of the station. Anyway, the 2 hour cycle ran and it found it's way back to charge. Presto! Reluctantly I decided to check the catch bin and again was horrified at the amount of debris it picked up.. Where did it find all of those toenail clippings???

Protip: The indentation on the charging station is a holder for the remote! Keep it there, so you don't lose it.

Once my wife got home and saw it in action she took it upstairs to the main floor. After it fully charged she ran it through the 2 hour cycle and you guessed it.. Stacks of debris in the bin, filled to the top. My wife was 100% impressed with how incredibly well it cleaned our first floor - a mix of rugs and hardwood. Subsequent runs of it we noted how amazing it was at avoidance. But more importantly, we loved how it whisked around chair and table legs grabbing pet hairs and debris that gets caught on the bottom of the legs. Perfecto!

It's at this point I realized it was a keeper and decided to install the APP. (Android) I had great difficulty getting the Deebot to connect to the app then realized why - I had AP Isolation on between SSID's.. Remember, you will run into the same issue if you run isolated SSID's or Guest Networks! The device MUST be on the same SSID and be able to communicate on the same Subnet. Alternatively, you can put the Deebot into WLAN mode and connect directly to it from your phone/app using it's built in hotspot. Sadly, this is a 2.4g device only - they should add a 5Ghz radio to it as soon as possible - next model maybe? Anyway, once paired up, it's fantastic and the control from the app is great. Also the Deebot gives you status updates on the app as it goes about it's business! (Cleaning, Returning to Charger, Charging, Stuck, etc)

The scheduling works perfect, right on time the Deebot will run through it's scheduled cleaning time, hands off.. Every single time it will return to the charger as it starts to run dry. Perfectly. Frankly, I have zero to complain about with this little guy. So much so, I purchased a second one a couple days later since my wife refused to give up the little guy for the main floor.

The amount of time this will save is ridiculous. We have a dog and a cat, and kids.. We literally have to vacuum everyday to keep the house feeling and looking clean. With this guy? Schedule it and forget about it... Maybe once a month use the normal vacuum to touch things up but otherwise forget it and let it do its job.. I can imagine saving hundreds of hours of work over a year or two AND having a much cleaner home. One thing my wife noticed - the house 'feels' cleaner, fresher air, less dust.. Probably a result of the extensive cleaning and filtration of the air. As for maintaining it - once a week you will need to use the included tool to cut the pet hairs out of the brush (if you have pets). When you first start using it you will need to empty the catch bin every single time. As your home gets cleaner you'll be able to go without emptying it for a day or two.

Be warned, even if you are a clean freak, this will shock you with how much it picks up! You, like everyone else is in for a rude awakening and the realization that these things actually do clean better than you do. Get one!

Update: I've had the second one running twice over the last 24 hours. I think it's possible I got a defective one as the battery run time is about half of the other one. However there is one huge difference between these - the one on the main floor battery lasts a LONG time - at least hours but the main floor is hardware and some low-pile rugs. The lower floor is 100% 'lower' pile carpet. I'm seriously wondering if the carpet is causing the battery to run out quicker - the robot certainly has to work much harder on the carpet. I am working with support to look into these issues.
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on April 27, 2017
We have a mixture of laminate floors, tile and carpet in our house, and we have 4 cats and 2 dogs that continuously shed so keeping the floors clean is a challenge.

I am so pleased with it. It is very quiet you can barely hear it so I can use it whenever I want and no one complains. It is so quiet you can even watch TV or listen to music while you vacumn the room. It does a great job picking up pet hair and other dirt that has gotten down in your carpet. The side sweepers ensure that the floor along your baseboards is also cleaned and due to it's small size it can go under beds and desk where upright vacuums can't reach. I love everything about it and would be hard pressed to pick a favorite aspect it's everything you could want in a vacumn quiet and efficient.

I use the DEEBOT about 3 times a week to clean the entire house and it keeps my floors super clean. I use the Spot Option every day to pick up the cardboard from the cat scratcher that my cat shreds, it's super easy to direct it to the spot I want cleaned and let it do it's thing. The DEEBOT is very easy to empty and the trash bin holds a lot for such a tiny vacumn and the filters are easy to clean, they even provide you with a special tool to clean the filters and roller.

It has no problem transitioning from the laminate to the carpet or the tile and I am even able to leave my rugs out. It vacuums them nicely without any problems. It does a great job going around things and under the dining room chairs. You can control it with both the remote that comes with it (needs 3A batteries) or with an app on your phone.

One small problem, the switch to send it automatically vacuuming is on the top and is very sensitive, my cat has stepped on it a time or two and turned it on. For most people this wouldn't be a problem, who wouldn't mind getting an extra floor cleaning, but I worry about cords being left out or the cat's toys getting stuck in it. I solved the problem by turning it off, it still charges but the cats can't step on it and sending it zooming around in automatic mode.

The app is easy to download but it doesn't work in 5G. It wasn't a problem for me as I am able to switch to our 2.4G network whenever I want to use the app. Most of the time I use the remote as it is easy to use. The app does have some nice features on it. It shows how much battery life is left, it also shows when you need to replace the filters and brushes and it shows your scheduled cleaning tasks. You are also able to rename the DEEBOT N79 if you want.
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on June 13, 2017
This is our third attempt at a robo vac. A Roomba 960 kept getting trapped in corners in our family room, so it went back. A Neato was doa, so also a return. This one is a keeper.

I was reluctant to make a third attempt, and in my search I was focused on "smart" models that map the space, rather than not so smart ones that rely on extended operation to ensure complete coverage with random patterns. I was on the verge of going for a new Samsung model that solved a major problem -- the older models were too tall -- when I came across this item.

Two things caught my attention. One was the price, which was less than half the Samsung model I was considering. The other was the five five-star reviews, which then turned into 8, then13, all with none lower. What had struck me about robovac reviews before is that no matter how much some reviewers gushed over a certain model, there were usually a goodly number of neutral and sometimes negative reviews. Not with the N79. Those two things changed my mind.

This is one of the not so smart types, though it is smarter than some. It has a sensor that detects obstacles ahead and slows down, then changes course to avoid contact. Mostly, at least. It seems to have difficulty seeing very dark or black objects. In those cases it will make gentle contact, but its front bumper then sends it along in a different direction.

The only other drawback worth mentioning is that this little guy can choke on long rug fringes. No harm done, but you will need to set him free if your home has any of these. Shorter fringes are not problematic.

Everything else is A+. It is surprisingly quiet. I ran it this morning while my wife was sleeping, and she was unaware that I had done so. It's sweeper brushes work well to pull in the bits and pieces that "decorate" our dark-stained hardwood floors. The dust bin is an adequate size, the filters are very effective, and it seems to run a good long while on a charge. The remote is very effective. I haven't used the app (as with some others, it requires access to parts of the phone's data that seems somewhat invasive, though I doubt any of the data gets back to Ecovacs, it's just a matter of the software design, still). As of now, it works fine without it., and I'll probably never download it.

Our home is a traditional layout, with living and dining rooms off of a central hallway, which leads to a kitchen/eating area in the back, with a den off of that. This guy wanders fairly easily from room to room. I haven't let it run until it was out of juice, so I can't say that it will always find its way back to recharge, but an occasional assist in that regard, if needed, is a minor annoyance.

The review that mentioned how great customer service is was dead on. I was having difficulty registering mine online, but an email to support was answered in about 90 minutes, explaining that that page on the site was down, with a solution on the way. I admit that is a small thing, but small things can matter, too.

The extra filter and brushes are a nice touch, and the batteries that are supposed to come for the remote were missing, as another reviewer noted. Anyone using one of these devices will surely have a couple of spare AAAs around to fill that gap.

It's unclear to me how deeply this cleans a carpet, or for that matter how deeply any of them do. It probably isn't as effective as a traditional manual vacuum. An occasional manual vacuuming is probably a good idea.

In short, this device is not the 100% solution to floor care, but it will greatly reduce how much time and effort you spend keeping your floors and rugs clear of dust and such.
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on August 17, 2017
Review after 1 days of use. I will continue to compare in the next few weeks.
I originally bought the M80 because a few friends had it. I was getting a little frustrated at the height of it because it kept getting stuck in various places. However, it turns out that the M79 is the one that suits me since I have a mix of carpet and tile in the same location. I won't be using the mopping feature at all in the M80. I tested the M79 along side with my iRobot 655 in the same room. I started them at the same time and let them run its course. To my surprise, N79 collected slightly more dust than the iRobot! N79 did end up riding up the base of a floor fan and getting stuck there so it might not be a fair comparison. However, the fact that N79 may have stopped prematurely and yet still collected slightly more dust was pretty impressive. I would like to see how they compare when both of them run its full course. +1 for N79

The noise level is also a big difference. I usually cannot talk on the phone while the iRobot is on. However, with the N79, I won't even be afraid to talk on a conference call! I probably won't even notice it is still running if I was busy doing something. +1 for N79

Design. N79 is very sleek in design. If you look at my picture, N79 is thinner and smaller than my robust Roomba. +1 for N79

This review is just based on 1 run. I have a very busy schedule at work so I will retest next week or so. I just wanted to review today because of how surprised I am. I can actually see the potential in this robotic vacuum company. I will update a review later after a few more comparisons. The company also have great customer service. They are very responsive to your questions and they definitely take pride in their products.
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on August 3, 2017
I bought this Deebot because of the good reviews. I wish I could say I had the same experience as other customers, but I very much did not.

The Deebot ran fine for about two weeks. At that point, it started sending out the beeping warnings. Each time I would look up what the beep meant, and correct the problem. (Deebot has about 8 different sorts of signals it can send out to tell you what the problem is) Depending on what the beeps were, within a few days I had cleaned then replaced the side brushes, thoroughly cleaned the dust bin and filters, thoroughly cleaned the main brush... the Deebot came with spares for some of those parts, so for example I completely changed the side brushes to a new set, but was still getting the beeps to clean the side brushes.

Okay, so I got a bad Deebot, sometimes that happens.

I called Customer Service and got sent to voicemail. I got a return phone call the next day to assist me with troubleshooting it, but I was at work (as some of us have jobs) and so nothing could be done at that point. I called them the next day and got voice mail, and called the day after and got voice mail. No one ever returned my call. After that, I sent an email explaining the problem. I got a return email saying they would send a new Deebot, and would email me a label for the box to send the old one back, and could I please provide some info to them (like the serial number). I sent them the information they requested. Since then I have emailed them FOUR TIMES asking for an update and have yet to receive a response. I am still within the Amazon return window and this seems to be the only way I'm going to get any resolution to the problem. I would have liked to have a working Deebot but I am unable to get any sort of Customer Service at all.
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on August 27, 2017
This little bot, I named him Rob Butt, is amazing. The first night, 4 nights ago, I let him lose and had to empty him 6 times. He pulled up dog hair from hell. I was in disbelief that my upright vacuum left my carpets so filthy. I was embarrassed. Second night was the same ordeal. 5 times I had to empty it.

Here I am on night 4 of running it for the full battery time and finally I'm only having to empty it twice tonight.

I have a huge downstairs. It consists of hardwood, tile, regular pile carpet, throw rugs, area rugs and many many obstacles. It transitions from all floors wonderfully. I do pick up my one shag throw rug. It does really well at not getting stuck. Out of 4 nights, it's gotten stuck 2 times and it's getting stuck under the edge of my cabinets (they're slightly too low.) Not a big deal as I'm not running it while I'm not home, however, I'd be comfortable doing so.

Quiet.... This thing is surprisingly quiet, especially for the suction power it must have to clean the way it does. It's super simple to set up, clean, empty bin and program. It doesn't knock hard into my furniture, if it even touches it all most of the time. It slows way down around it due to it's amazing little sensors.

Onto the amazing sensors. I took this little guy upstairs. I used him on the platform first to see if he'd take a plunge. Nope. I let him clean the platform and then I took him all the way up. He did fantastic. He didn't fall at all and was really careful close to the edge of the stairs. I was really impressed with this features and the fact it worked so well.

It will re-dock itself after cleaning with absolutely no issue.

I'm not sure why I waited so long to own one of these amazing bots. I did a month of research choosing the correct bot. Believe me, Rob Butt, has not disappointed.

I did go ahead and purchase extra side brushes and filters. I was surprised to see that it actually came with a replacement for each.

I attached pics so you can get an idea of size, types of flooring he has done awesome on for me and the point where he's gotten stuck.

Do yourself a favor and just go ahead and pick one of these up. You won't be disappointed.
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 I wish I could say it picked up this much only on the first day but I'd be lying. I am amazed by how much stuff this things gets even though I have all hard-surface floors that look relatively clean. I went to go mop yesterday and didn't even have to sweep first. Why didn't I get this years ago? It's truly amazing and for the price I can't imagine anything more expensive doing a better job. I'm a simple person and haven't even used the features or gotten the app. I just put it on auto when I leave and I come back to amazing floors.

Update: I still LOVE it! I even got one for a friend. They also work as an entertainment device for toddlers and dogs alike!
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on May 30, 2017
Update: These guys need 6 stars for their customer service. Got an unexpected email from ecovacs customer service apologizing for not including batters with the remote (I just thought it didn't come with any no big deal). They issues me a $5 refund for not including the batteries, who does that!!

Unreal! This is one of their latest models. App works flawlessly and wouldn't want to own a vacuum without it. Can control all aspects of the vacuum with the app. Also locate the vacuum and keep up with maintenance via app.
First cleaning the battery lasted over an hour and half will be interesting to see how it holds up.
Customer service is amazing! Emailed asking for a PDF copy of the user manual and received a response within minutes with a link to the guide.

Now the best part, how it cleans. For what it is it's excellent! It literally FILLED it's bin on the first run, this after vacuuming with a regular vacuum a couple days ago. This would be due to it being low enough to run under beds and other areas usually left uncleaned.
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on July 9, 2017
Decent run time
Picks up hair and small debris well with rotating beater brush and front-side sweeps
Handles room transitions and differing terrain very well
Does not get caught on objects unless an obvious hazard
Docks itself
Both remote control and wifi app control

Does not map room or learn, random
Takes a long time to find its base

I picked this vac up on a deal of the day and am happy with it. I even bought another one for our upstairs. It does a darn good job of getting cat hair off my travertine floors. And love the ability to control via the app. The Roomba app contol model is like $900 right now which is absurd considering no robotic vac works perfectly or completely replaces a human-held vacuum. Ecovacs app is OK. You can schedule when you want it to run, change its direction, check its status, check accessory life and change it's name. It does not send push notifications so if it gets stuck and you're not home to hear the error beeping, you won't know. The only time mine has gotten stuck is on a ribbon cat toy and a very thin usb cord left unplugged on the floor. It does not map out the room but I don't mind because of the price, long run time, and the fact that many mapping robots have issues when chairs and such get moved anyway. The N79 does have a sensor to avoid bumping into things and does a good job with that on most objects. But very dark colored furniture legs will get bumped (just as my old Roomba did) because sensors never work on very dark objects. It has some protection on the front for bumping but I added a thick piece of foam weatherstripping so I don't hear it bump at all. It had no problem with my area rugs which range from thin to 1/2" thick. I have no fringe, tighter weaves - no shag. Small, light rugs like bath mats will get moved, however it did not try to eat my floor length drapes. Unfortunately, it often takes a very long time to find its base unless right next to it. It also lost its wifi connection once. I had to run setup new device in the app again and it recognized itself.
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on October 29, 2017
 UPDATE: Ecovacs' customer support was very helpful. They replaced the N79. I received it a few days ago. I would give their customer service 5 stars; I'm giving the actual product 3 stars because of the first one's failure and also it gets stuck in places that I would expect it could easily get out from. I've asked their customer service for tips to keep the N79 from getting stuck. I'll update the review if something changes.

Worked well for two months, then started to malfunction. It permanently marked up my floor because it got stuck and wouldn’t stop moving the wheels. It won’t start now because of. “Sidebrush malfunction”. I’m contacting them for warranty support.

UPDATE: ECOVACS has been very helpful and quick, responding shortly after I contacted them. They are going to be sending me a new one. Per their email:

“We are sorry to hear your Deebot is not working properly. We will gladly send you a replacement unit as soon as possible.”
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