on February 14, 2017
My neighbor and I were talking and he told me "I noticed you turn your porch lights on at the same exact time every night". I told him I was a robot. Once he considered my statement and determined that I was not in fact a robot, I explained how I had everything on a timer that was built right into the box where the switch once was. Now I can go out of town for days on end and never worry about my house being dark. It just works, automatically. I'm sure in the future there will be a wi-fi enabled version of this product, but for now, it's "set it and forget it". I believe you can also make it operate randomly so your neighbor doesn't think you're a robot. I'm also a stickler for energy efficiency and have this set to coincide partly with the dynamic peak pricing (although all of my lighting is LED anyway).

If you're a father or husband who is always going around turning lights off and mumbling "Who do you think I am? Edison!?" while your wife responds "No, because if you were Edison, I wouldn't have to wait tables at Big Boy", this is the product for you. If you're just an energy efficiency nut who wants to make his neighbors think he is a robot, this is the product for you. If you're a fan of those awful 1990s 2:00am Ron Popeil infomercials with that gaudy rotisserie oven looking thing where he preached "set it, and forget it!", this is the product for you. It's a good product for a lot of people.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon August 7, 2017
This programmable timer switch was the exact solution I was looking for to use with my outside foyer light and carriage lights on my garage that work off the same switch. For many years now, we either left our outside lights on ALL DAY when we went on vacation or OFF entirely. Either way, it was pretty easy to see there was no one home. In my opinion, adding a programmable timer to our outside lights just gives us one more deterrent to those looking for an easy score.

Installation was straight forward with the instructions; my only concern was that when I took off the faceplate and removed the existing switch, there was only a BLACK (HOT) wire and RED (LOAD) wire connected to the existing switch. Upon further examination of the multi-gang box I found both the WHITE (NEUTRAL) and COPPER (GROUND) wires in the box (secured with caps). As a result, it was easy to connect all four of the programmable switch wires to the correct wires. TIP: Don't be discouraged if you only see two wires connected to your existing switch; the other (NEUTRAL) and (GROUND) wires are likely in your multi-gang box. Most of all - TURN OFF POWER AT THE FUSE BOX BEFORE DOING ANY WORK!

PROGRAMMING was pretty straight forward using the instructions. I only have it programmed for one ON/OFF schedule (7 days/week) right now, but will likely mix it up a little bit the next time I need to reprogram for DST.

Overall, I'm very satisfied with this affordable, programmable switch timer. I hope you found this review helpful in making your purchase decision.
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on November 11, 2017
I'm using this to automatically turn on and off a hot water circulating pump located in the garage of my house. For Mon-Fri I have it set to go ON at 5 AM, OFF at 9 AM, ON at 3 PM and OFF at 10 PM. For Sat and Sun it goes on at 5 AM and OFF at 10 PM. Only needed to use up 3 of the 18 program setting. Its easy to program and it works exactly as expected. It has a built in battery backup so it keeps track of time and remembers the programming if the power goes out. Has a cool DST feature where you can jump 1 hour ahead or back on the clock by holding the hour button down for 5 sec.

Only issue I had is the back cover is rather deep, I couldn't get everything stuffed back in the original junction box so I had the replace the junction box with a deeper version.
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on October 8, 2016
Purchased for my porch light since the old one stopped working. It was super easy to install....oh and it was my first time ever changing out a switch. The package came with everything even the cover plate, which I did not use because I had a double plate that I used instead. It looks and works great. No complaints here
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on June 7, 2017
Straight forward install except recognized there were two hots coming into my outdoor/foyer switch. After some research, I decided to join the two hots and the black wire together. Works well and can be installed by anyone with minimal electrical experience. Day 1 was successful...
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on June 13, 2017
Installation was simple and the programming relatively straightforward. It turned on the power according to the program but failed to turn it off at the set "OFF" time so I returned it.
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Needed this to replace a switch that controls outlets that feed the Christmas lights along the eaves.

The timer fits in the same space as a Decora switch. It's white where my house switch color is light almond, but the switch is in the garage and not noticed, so no problem.

There are four wires on the switch: black (power), white (neutral) green (ground) and red (the load/lights).

I determined the hot side of the switch with a voltage sensor before throwing the breaker. That hot wire goes to the black wire on the timer. The other wire in the original switch is the load and goes to the timer's red wire. Ground goes to the ground.

The white wire has to be connected to a neutral white wire. With houses wired using Romex, there are usually a bundle of white wires in the junction box. I undid the wirenut and added the timer's white wire, then replaced the wirenut.

Programming the timer is slightly tricky. First thing is to set the internal clock and tell the timer what day it is. There is an internal battery backup so it retains time, day and program should there be a power failure. There's also a Reset button if you want to clear it out and start over.

Now that time of day and day of week are set, you can program separate on and off times for up to 18 events. You can program for single days of the week or just Monday through Friday or just the weekends.

All I wanted was one event: turn on at 5 PM and off at 11 PM every day.

I read the directions carefully and for Event 1, set it for on at 5 PM. You then have to set which days it will happen. You press "PROG" over and over until you cycle through all the days of the week, then M-F, then Sa-Su, then, finally, all the days are displayed. Next I set the "Off" time for 11 PM.

Great. Finished. I set the "Mode" to Auto and closed the little door. Right on time, the lights turn on at 5 PM. Success!

Except in the morning, the lights are still on.

Turns out you have to set the days of the week the "OFF" command will happen, just like you have to set the timer for the days it will turn "ON." Sneaky. Re-read the instructions and went back into Program until the OFF time of 11 PM was displayed. I punched the PROG button until all the days of the weeks were displayed.

NOW it works. Turns on at 5, off at 11, every day. With programming flexibility comes many options and many ways to foul up. But it works fine now.

Excellent price. There's also a master ON/OFF slider switch under the door so when it's not Christmas season and there's no need to energize the outlets, they will remain off.

You can manually turn the lights on or off by simply pressing on the little door. It's designed to punch the "MAN" buttons beneath the door so you don't have to open the little door to turn the lights on or off manually.
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on March 10, 2017
The product was defective. After an hour or so of diagnostics, checking wiring diagrams and wiring integrity in the wall receptacle, I found that the red wire was not supplying current to the load in either auto or manual mode. I returned it.
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on February 20, 2017
Purchased so that my outside garage lighting can turn on and off automatically per the schedule I set. Three of the neighbors purchased new lighting with dusk/dawn ability. I liked the idea of that for security reasons but my 3 lights were in great shape and work well. Swapped the bulbs out with LED and installed this timer. Programmed it and a)saved money b)increased security and c)bragged about how much simpler it was than replacing 3 outside lights that didn't need replacing. Three 60W bulbs changed to three 9W bulbs of the same brightness. Will buy another and use it for my outdoor outlet I plug the Christmas lights into. Only negative was that the wiring can get a little tight in the box due to the four wires used. Be careful. I had one wire pull out of the wire nut that I didn't notice until I turned the breaker back on and the unit didn't work.
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on November 12, 2016
Received it yesterday and installed today. No problems installing it. I replaced a light switch with this timer. The light switch had two black wires attached to it, one being hot and the other being the load. The white and ground wires were inside the box, but not connected to anything. I connected the timer to them per the instructions and it is working fine.
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