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on June 19, 2017
The first one I got was dead on arrival. But the second one works perfect, I've been using it for the past few weeks and I'm very pleased. I borrowed an air fryer (not this model) to try out and had to get one. This model has everything. It's a toaster, oven, broiler, convection oven and my favorite feature an air fryer. It works great, looks good. The book has recipes. It will take a few tries to learn how to use all it's functions with various foods. I make air fryed chicken in it, take a picture and show my co-workers at work lol. I'm very pleased with it and I would recommend it. My first usage was toasting an English muffin with a dab of honey and had a big grin afterwards. Buy it, you won't regret it.
As for the video that says there is no temperature control...weeeell I can see that happening and I don't doubt it. I haven't double checked it. However after using it for the past few weeks I've learned how to adjust it so that doesn't happen. Air frying crispy bacon I used 350 degrees at 5 minutes. I have found that using less time then recommended seems to work well with various foods.
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on August 17, 2017
I purchased on sale at another store but I wanted to review this oven on Amazon too because there are so few reviews out there. I love this oven so far. I did read the provided booklet that gives very helpful information about the oven, such as adjusting temp down 25-50 degrees for some recipes. This is not unusual for a toaster oven to run a little hotter than a large kitchen oven. I would suggest washing interior and pans before first use because there is that awful new oven smell the first time you use it. The company states the the interior has a non-stick coating on the oven walls. I usually try and avoid this but now that smell is gone. The included pans and trays are NOT dishwasher save. The included tray is not non=stick and will stain. So far I have made the best baked potatoes just by uncovering the last few minutes to get the skins really crispy. I have made a fantastic veggie casserole with awesome crunchy top results. Also we cooked some veggie burgers that turned out great. I would suggest watching your items closely at first until you get a feel for how yours operates. Mine is perfect, so far I only burned french fries the first time because I didn't set the temp correctly. I put an oven thermometer and also used my laser temp checker and the oven stays within about 25- 50 degrees of set temps. Most toaster ovens do run hot if empty. It is best to judge the heat with items inside the unit. I will update this review if reasonable durability expectations are not met. Overall I love this oven!! It is also a great toaster!!
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on November 19, 2017
The size of the oven is smaller than listed dimensions. When I purchased it I was concerned because it said it was 18.12 in high and in reality it was only 14 in so the amounts shown are the size of the shipping box I'm going to post pictures so you'll know the accurate size. Overall a beautiful appliance and im excited to start using it.
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on October 10, 2017
I agree with some of the other reviewers that this oven does run ‘hot’. This is my first air fryer and I’m over the moon about its abilities! The crispiness far exceeded my expectations. I’m including a picture of air fried tofu sticks. I can tell you this much, I will never be without an air fryer again!
review image
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on July 31, 2017
I love cooking in this thing. It took me a couple tries to learn that I need to undershoot the temperature on the dial a little and maybe increase the time just a bit. But, it has replaced my microwave, oven, and deep frier I threw out. "Fried" things come out crispy and delicious without oil. Baked things are perfect. I absolutely recommend this machine.
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Size: One Size|Color: Silver|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
( See my photos of my Air Fry successes ))) steak, pizza rolls, Pork chops and Turkey Breast
...........I am a real lover of air frying. so when I saw this new Toaster oven had the air frying option I was really interested.. Counter top space is a a premium for most of us and what make this Cuisinart Oven EXTRA SPECIAL.. it combine 3 appliances: toaster, Convection oven and air fryer That leaves me w a lot more space on my counter top but still have all the functions I use every day
.....There is hardly a day that goes buy without using this item multiple times a day... Honestly dont' think I can cook dinner with out using my Air fryer........ Lunch to make nice toasted cheese sandwiches.. Sunday dinner.. ROAST a nice chicken or a Pork Tenderloin. LOVE using the air fryer as the chicken and pork get nice and brown but the inside is moist and tender.
.....our Friday night pizza night is even better using this , Convection baked a frozen self-rising crust pizza--best ever! ( and saves you some cash from delivery))....... We used it t make some air fried Mozzarella sticks. too.
......There is a learning curve re the temperatures to use but I found that the same when I used a independent air fryer... a little trial and error should be expected.

Over all this is a KILLER appliance........and comes w a WHOPPING 3 YEAR Warranty.. ( I always check out the warranties tells you what the company really things about the appliance.))

If you decided to add this to your kitchen I do not think you will be sorry..
.. lots of wonderful meals for your family.
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on July 30, 2017
Let me first address the one bad review here:
What a bunch of baloney!
This oven has great temperature control. I bake with regularly.
Never burned anything.
And why would you preheat the oven for 12 minutes when it literally takes just seconds to get to any set temperature?
These people are out to make an otherwise great product look bad.
Makes you wonder why...?
The manual dials are perfect for this machine. Cuisinart makes digitally controlled toaster ovens but it seems they thought the manual dials would fit well with the air fryer concept.
I have to agree. Easy to set.
For people with food sensitivities, gluten free cooking, low calorie and low fat cooking, it's the perfect machine.
I find it more useful than the other one trick pony airfryers on the market.
And costwise it's still in the same ballpark as the Phillips or tefal units.
The cuisinart is definitely a better value
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on June 15, 2017
I'm burning things left and right, but it's not the ovens fault - it's a learning process when it comes to air-frying and convection baking (and at a high altitude) what level to put the basket on. I've never had another toaster oven to compare this to, but I've been cooking everything imaginable in it since it came and I love it! It's so much faster and easier than heating up the big oven for a small job. I shopped around and this was the only toaster oven that offered the convection and air fry features. Easy to use and although it takes up a fair amount of counter space it's totally worth it.
Chicken cutlets--->>egg/breadcrumb/season--->>spray liberally on both sides with any oil spray and in 10 minutes, low-fat fried chicken without having to fry! Worked great on fish too!
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on May 30, 2017
 WOW...For such a company, they really have started to produce some poor products. When you hear the name Cuisinart you think quality product. But it seems that they really have been just trying to bang our products without a care of making it quality for the price point they charge. This TOA-60 is one such product. We had VERY high hopes for this unit as we were looking for a new toaster oven and we also wanted a Air Fryer, so this would solve our needs and save us space seeing we live full time in a motor coach. But what a let down.

Now we tried TWO of these units thinking that the first one was just defective...nope...same issue. We wanted to bake in it and thus decided to make some scones as a test. After letting it pre-heat to 350 for about 12 minutes or so, we put them in...within 8 minutes we needed to pull them out as they were starting to burn. So we then put in a oven thermometer and were shocked by the results. (So much so we made a video also.)

The oven was 500 degrees! It would go up to 500, drop to 350 and then go back to 500. It had no control over being able to keep a stable temperature at all. We were on BAKE mode. Thus no convection fan. In fact the temperature dial, a potentiometer, gets very loose once it heats up and I am guessing this is what is making for such issues. So loose you can tap it and it will spin down or up. Such poor components used.

All in all, the dials and controls are really poor. For such a machine & company, you would think digital controls in this day and age right? Nope, just hard to read black fonts on shinny silver thus making it even harder to read. Cuisinart, you have digital toaster ovens, why oh why would you kill this product with old analog controls? Even the timer ticks, ticks, ticks and is not accurate!

As an Air Fryer, it does work very well seeing that you need to use that on high temps of 425 to 450.

TOTAL let down so much so we needed to write about it and made a short video.

So after trying TWO units, both with the same issue, Cuisinart please feel free to contact us if you have one that actually works someday. This would could have been a great multi purpose over as the Air Fryer is all the rage right now.
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on September 20, 2017
We just replaced a Cuisinart Toaster Oven that we have used for at least 8 years. This oven cooks much faster and much more evenly. The air fryer works great!! We have "fried" fish, french fries, and tater tots. We have baked brownies and cake. We have toasted bread, bagels and raw cashews (makes the taste great). We have convection baked pizza. Only two weeks into using it, but love it. Caution: The fried and convection setting cook quickly!! Watch your times closely. I adjust 50 degrees less for convection baking. Some reviews suggest it is difficult to control the temperature. It is not so much the temperature as it is the power of the convection/frying air flow. We love it. We both agree that it cooks better than the toaster oven that we have loved.
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