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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon January 21, 2016
We tried two popular humidifiers (popular with Amazon buyers) both proved to be difficut to clean and neither model registered any humidity increase (not a personal feeling but no increase according to two accurate hygrometers.) Like many "popular with amazon buyers" products what the humifiers shared was a low price. We decided to pay more for this big brand humidifier with many high ratings from buyers. After running it for a day, my hygrometers register a 12 degree humidity increase in our 12 x 14 foot cathedral ceiling living room. Running the honeywell three months now, I am not getting nose bleeds from our furnace drying out the room and our skin isn't drying to point of skin cracking on our hands.
I deduct a star for Honeywell having a misleading photo in the user guide. It clearly shows a woman wetting the wick filter, bottom only. My spouse did this causing our filter to fail to get wet at the TOP, which MUST be moist always for the humidifier to work. Honeywell knows the photo is incorrect. Hey, it sells the costly filters, at the rate of one a month. the printer makers are out to sell costly ink cartridges with low ink sensors that are set above the halfway point,so owners replace them at the 60 to 50% full level. Likewise, it looks like Honeywell is out to oversell costly filters. This humidifier is simple. Water drops from tank and is channeled past a antimicrobal UV light to the WICK filter, which flows water to the top so the fan can lift it and turn into a fine mist then push it out into the air. TIP. After I explained to my spouse how WICKS work, they last over two months. Each time she fills the tank, she rinses and soaks the filter & flips it to opposite end from where it was in the unit.
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on March 25, 2015
Have it sitting right next to my bed. On the lowest of the three (3) speed settings, yes it makes a little bit of noise but not enough to keep me awake. I have a $15 Radio Shack humidity measuring device and without a doubt, this humidifier works A-OK. I have mild sleep apnea and bought the unit to help with middle of the night dry-mouth symptoms.
Original filter worked just fine for 3 months of every night use. The Honeywell brand replacement filter seems to get mixed reviews. Namely that the thickness of the filter has been reduced from 1 inch to now shipping units, such as mine, using 3/4 inch thickness filters. Reading filter review on this Amazon site, noted many customers like the filters sold by Lowes Home Improvement stores. One claim was that the thicker filter greatly increased the water usage and therefore more water vapor into the air per hour running. Locally found the recommended replacement filters available at my local LOWES. The brand of humidifier filters are the IDYLIS brand. The part number replacement for the Honeywell Cool Mist Humidifier is IDYLIS #0105460. AND this filter has a metal mesh to support the filter, AND the filter thickness is a full 1 inch thick.
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on February 3, 2014
 Please watch the video.

In the video I explain why this is a great humidifier for those who have hard water / well water. The filter does a great job at keeping those deposits of gunk from entering the air. I will say that some water works better than others. Some make breathing easier, or just plain taste better.

From best to worst

1) Distilled water
2) filtered water
3) tap water
4) well water

Obviously well water is the cheapest option, but distilled is the best option. Take a look at the video to see the filter.
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on October 20, 2017
This had overwhelmingly positive reviews when I purchased it and I have no idea why, after 6 months it's an absolutely horrible product and I would not recommend it.

The good
It's quiet.
The tank is easy to remove.
The tank is a softer PVC style plastic so it won't break when you bang it against a bathtub filling it (it must be held during filling due to the bizarre shape).

The bad
The filter is expensive and needs to be replaced at least every 6 months. That means you're paying $2 per month to operate plus electricity; this adds up quickly and offsets the 'low' unit price.
The filter grows mold. Black mold. The air that comes out of the unit stinks like black mold. See attached photo.
The water tray is shallow and has no spill protection. It is actually 'vented' so it will immediately make the floor wet if shifted. See attached photos.
When you go to move the unit it spills water unless you keep it perfectly level. Odds are this water will stink like mold and you'll have to scrub your furniture or floor.
The Germ Free UV light does nothing to disinfect the overpriced mold covered filter which then recontaminates the water.
The tank has a round top and no way to hold it from the fill side, making it hard to keep in place and fill when adding water in a bathtub so it will fall over unless you pin it in place or hold it from inside the tank. Sticking your hand in the tank introduces whatever germs are on your hands. You get the picture.
The bottom is flexible so minimal water weight will distort its shape, causing it to spill when lifted to clean.
The bottom is difficult to scrub due to the narrow track shape.

This unit works great when it's clean and has a fresh filter. However, there are several dozen other options that are more cost effective to own and run. I would not recommend anyone purchase this product.
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on March 12, 2017
Humidifiers are a lot of work no matter which one you have. They must be filled daily, making sure the filter is wet, and the unit cleaned weekly, or more, depending on the hardness of your water. I have this is an open hallway of a completely open floor plan of about 1300+ sq feet. The moisture it puts out on low, when the heat is around 70 is perfect (according to our hygrometer). We have no static electricity. I did have to put a baking pan under the carpet...I want to be sure I get no spillage when refilling it. I also made sure it was on a slight angle to keep water flowing into the filter. Read your instruction booklet to keep your filter working properly and getting a couple uses out of it. The filters could be a tad stronger. The color is your calcium folks. Eventually you will have to replace the filter. It runs very quiet. We bought this Jan 5th 2017 and have run it almost consistently since. Take care of your things and they should last. If you hope appliances and such work forever without maintaining things; they just might not work efficiently.
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on November 27, 2017
This was delivered to me on October 25th, 2017 - I began using on Nov 1st. Since I’ve used humidiers before (live in Utah), I was “sold” on the germ-free design, mold-inhibiting wicks, and ability to use tap water rather than distilled. Two weeks into daily use, I flipped the wick (which had begun to yellow), and washed the tray out. Less than two weeks later, I woke up and noticed I was coughing up black phlegm, and it was pure black when I’d blow my nose. Scared me, to say the least. As I tried to figure out the cause I happened to check the wick... and discovered that this “mold-inhibiting” wick was covered in black mold. The attached picture was taken seconds after removing from humidifier and depositing in sink prior to disposal. Black mold spores + powerful humidifier fan = there was mold absolutely everywhere. Had to vacate the room for 4 days while I cleaned it thoroughly. I’ll be contacting Amazon in the morning to discuss this and its return.
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on December 3, 2012
I have had this humidifier for a few months now and use it in MY bedroom as well as my 15 month old twins' bedroom. I had an Ultrasonic humidifier (filter-less) but discovered the 'white powder' effect after using one (google it).


(1) It's quiet! Yay!
(2) It doesn't change the temperature of the room even though it's a cool mist humidifier
(3) I use one of those gadges to see if it's humid enough in the room and this machine definitely works
(4) The filter doesn't need replacing THAT often (maybe every 6-7 months or so)
(5) The tank can sit in the sink to be filled and doesn't topple over
(6) Super easy to set up and use


(1) It's pretty big and bulky
(2) I hope the UV light to kill germs is working because I don't see it anywhere

I would definitely recommend this cool mist humidifier though!
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on December 5, 2015
I like this device and it works pretty good for putting the moisture back in the air in the natural way - via evaporation - during winter heating season. During this time the furnace is doing its job by taking the moisture out of the air and since all the windows are closed most of the time (as you don't want to take in a lot of cold air and make your house cold) the external air intake is not enough to replenish the moisture even in such a "wet" place like here in Seattle. Your skin goes dry, eyes itch and nasal passages feel uncomfortable. With dry air you are more prone to get an airborne infection. Finally when we installed a smart thermostat that also shows the humidity in the air and it showed unhealthy 30% humidity I figured out that humidifier is an important "life support" system you need to have in your house when its cycling the air inside during the winter.

The device is bigger than ultrasonic humidifiers we had in the past but for a good reason - since it relies on natural way of water evaporation and you need larger surface contact area with the air to make it work. Ultrasonic humidifiers work in another way - they force the water vapor in the air by exciting the water with ultrasonic membrane so it bursts in bubbles which break and release mist in the air. The assumption here is that tiny droplets of mist have much larger contact with air (this is what the big filter is for in this device) and evaporate quickly in dry air. But the problem is that some of them don't - and those land down on the floor near the ultrasonic humidifier making it wet and leaving mineral residue from the water droplets around the device. Another problem with ultrasonic humidifiers - they put equal amount of moisture in the air regardless how humid the air is. If the air is dry - it pick more moisture from the mist, less dry air - takes less leaving more to land back on your floor around the device.

This device is free from those pitfalls of ultrasonic humidifiers. It evaporates the water in the air in the natural way, like everything else exchange the moisture around you. It just speeds the process in two ways: (1) by increasing the contact area with the air with large filter made of strings of porous material that pick the water from the bottom tray using capillary action; (2) by increasing the volume of dry air the contacts with the filter by blowing through with the fan. Because of this natural process the amount of moisture it puts in the air depends on how dry you air is. It never puts more moisture in the air that the air cannot take, so the floor around the device is never wet and no mineral residue.

The device is very simple - the bottom tray which feeds the water to the filter, the filter that evaporates the water and the water tank that feeds the water to the tray through the valve and main body that houses 3 speed fan and UV light. I thought the device will be warming water so it is easier to evaporate, but it does not. Because of this simple design the cleaning is easy.

Now about the filter - as you can see it is most essential part of this device. To make it last longer you need to understand how it works. It pulls the air from the tray using capillary action. When filter ages, is capillary get clogged with minerals from the water. So it starts drawing less water. So the more mineralized water you have the less filter life you are going to have. You can try using filtered water - but I am not sure how economical it would be - it consumes a lot of water and filters also cost money. So maybe it will be cheaper to buy a new humidifier filter than buy water filters more frequently. Another factor is fan speed - it is better to opt for slower speed with aged filter because it won't be able to draw as much water and will dry out and minerals in it will solidify aging it more faster. I noticed that even with new filter and top fan speed the topmost part of the filter gets dry after a couple of hours of runtime. So avoid running at top speed - and it produces definitely audible noise in this mode.

As for the noise - I find that at top speed it's pretty noisy - you can definitely hear it running if you are in the same room. Middle speed (recommended by the manufacturer as a regular operating speed) is audible if you are few feet away from the device. Low speed is barely audible.

I am skeptical about UV light feature if it is useful at all. Think about it - it is supposed to kill germs in the water that flows from the tank to the filter. But that water comes right from the tap (the same water that you drink) and the tank is refilled every day. But the part where there are much more germs - the filter - is not getting any UV light and is in constant contact with external air that brings new microbes all the time. So when the UV light goes out, I do not think I want to spend money on replacing it.

Last point - this humidifier is listed as 'single room' humidifier but if you place it in the room where you have air return it can affect the air humidity in the whole house. Humidifier was off for the night today and the thermostat in the other room was showing 43% humidity. Turning the humidifier on with middle speed (it is located close to furnace air return) and turning on the furnace fan after that for a while brought the humidity reading in the other room up to 48% in about an hour.

Hope this review is helpful. Thanks.
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on December 1, 2017
I've been using this in my twins' nursery nearly every night for over a year. It is quiet and durable (they climb on it periodically). If the directions are followed for proper care and maintenance (these are easy but specific) there should not be any issues. The filters can vary in quality but that has little to do with the machine itself. different filter makers produce different quality products. Personally, I don't care for the Honeywell brand filters. I use the off-brand I get here on Amazon and they have proven to be longer lasting and more sturdy (don't collapse after a couple of days).
I totally recommend this the anyone who needs a humidifier and can follow directions.
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on March 7, 2017
Bought a white one, to supplement a larger Honeywell cool mist humidifier. Soon after, the motor on the larger older one burnt out after 10 years of constant use during Nov.- Apr. Considered that to be good service. Replaced that with another of this model. Paying $20 less for the black color one was a plus. One is used in the LR, set on speed #2. The other is used in the den in the rear of our one floor home, with fan speed at #1 during the day and #2 at night. The fan is barely heard on speed #1, unless standing directly above it, so it it no bother even sitting right next to the TV in the den. The other sits about 10' from the TV in the front of the house and is not heard over the TV when on fan speed #2. The one set on constant #2 puts out 1 tank of water each 24 hrs. The other puts out about 2/3 tank each 24 hrs. Together they keep the relative humidity at 30-45% depending on how much the hot-air furnace runs. I measure that using an Acurite device, which is now selling for almost $3 less than I paid. I use the ProTec cartridges - for the tanks and the FilterBuy filters - Do not purchase the ultrasonic humidifiers which turn your gas range flame orange because of incomplete combustion, and leave white mineral deposits all over your house. Cool mist is the way to go. These have proved to be very beneficial, especially to my wife who has had chronic nasal and respiratory issues. Moist air also allows for keeping your furnace thermostat temp a little lower.
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