About 5% Back Rewards and 90-Day Payment Terms Using your Amazon Business American Express Card. Terms and Cap Apply.

5% Back rewards or 90 Day Payment Terms apply to U.S. purchases made at Amazon Business, AWS, Amazon.com and Whole Foods Market, if at the time of purchase the Basic Card Member has an eligible Prime membership on the Amazon account from which they applied.

You can earn 5% Back on the first $120,000 in purchases each calendar year, 1% Back thereafter. There is no cap to the rewards you can earn for eligible purchases in the 2% and 1% categories. Purchases made using Payment Terms will not count towards the $120,000 cap described above.

Amazon.com eligible Prime memberships are:

  • Annual or monthly Prime memberships (excluding Prime Video)
  • Prime benefits shared via an Amazon Household (see Sharing your Prime Benefits for more information)
  • Prime Student memberships
  • Trial memberships of annual and monthly Prime, Amazon Fresh and Prime Student (excluding Prime Video subscriptions

Amazon Business eligible Prime memberships are:

  • Trial or Paid U.S. Business Prime memberships
  • Annual or monthly Prime memberships (excluding Prime Video)
  • U.S. Amazon Business accounts that receive shipping benefits from an Amazon.com account with an annual or monthly Prime membership, both Trial and Paid (excluding Prime Video)

Note: Employee Cards receive the same % Back rewards or Payment Terms as their Basic Card Member.

A second Amazon account can be included in determining the eligible Prime membership status for your Card. To do so, the Basic Card Member can authenticate an Amazon Business account (if they applied from an Amazon.com account) or Amazon.com account (if they applied from an Amazon Business account). You will qualify for 5% Back rewards or 90 Day Payment Terms, so long as either of the authenticated accounts has an eligible Prime membership.

To authenticate an account:

  1. Log into the Amazon.com or Amazon Business (U.S.) account you would like to authenticate for your Amazon Business American Express Card.
  2. Add the Card to your payment methods.
  3. Contact Amazon Customer Service and request your Amazon account be authenticated.

If the Basic Card Member closes all authenticated Amazon accounts or unsubscribes from their eligible Prime membership, your Card will revert to earning 3% Back rewards or 60 Day Payment Terms.


  • Your eligibility for % Back rewards and Payment Terms is determined by the eligible Prime status of the account from which you applied, as well as any authenticated accounts, not the Amazon account where your Card is used as a payment method.
  • The Basic Card Member is the person who applied for the Card account and/or to whom American Express addresses account billing statements.
  • An Employee Card Member is a person to whom American Express has issued, at the Basic Card Member’s request, a Card to access the Basic Card Member’s account.

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