Product Voucher Eligibility and Restrictions

There are certain restrictions in connection with the use of Product Vouchers. If you engage in these activities, may prevent you from claiming or redeeming product vouchers, or may take further action on your account.

If you receive a Product Voucher, you can use the Product Voucher balance to purchase items from a predetermined set of products. Redeem a product voucher here.


  • Visit the Product Vouchers page in Your Account to locate the pages that display items eligible to be purchased by a specific Product Voucher.
  • Eligible items are subject to change based on discretion. Amazon does not guarantee that eligible items will always be categorized in accordance with Product Voucher requirements.
  • Each Product Voucher is linked to a 'Rule Set' which defines what it's eligible to purchase. Each 'Rule Set' corresponds to a single type or offering of Product Voucher. Rule sets can either be inclusionary (Product Voucher can be used for everything in the rule set) or exclusionary (Product Voucher can be used for everything outside of the rule set.
  • Product Vouchers are also subject to gift card restrictions and prohibited activities as well as gift card terms and conditions.

Product Voucher Eligible Items

To view eligible items for each type of Product Voucher please click on the link(s) below:

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