Compare Multi-Room Music, Speaker Pairs, and Home Theater Systems

Discover more about audio systems available for Alexa-enabled devices.

Multi-Room Music

  • Plays music across multiple, compatible Alexa-enabled devices.
  • Devices can be located in different rooms and added to multiple groups.
  • Can include speaker sets and home theater systems.
  • Control audio settings on each device.

Speaker Sets (Stereo Pairs)

  • Pair two compatible Echo devices for left/right sound during music playback.
  • Add Echo Sub for deeper bass.
  • Devices must be located in the same room.
  • Audio settings, like volume, shared by all devices.

Home Theater Systems

  • Pair one or two Echo devices with your Fire TV for home theater. Can include Echo Sub.
  • Supports Dolby Atmos with Echo Studio.
  • Audio settings, like volume, shared by all devices. Your Fire TV remote controls home theater volume by default, and not TV volume. This is adjustable in Fire TV settings.
  • Devices in home speaker group need to be located in the same room as the television.
Tip: Create home theater systems or speaker sets before adding to multi-room music groups.

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