Why Can't I Ship to an Address?

There are a few reasons why you might not be able to ship to an address.

You may not be able to ship to an address for the following reasons:

  • The item exceeds dimensional shipping limits. The package must have a maximum length or width of 108 inches and maximum weight of 70 lbs.
  • The item is ineligible for shipping because it's large or oddly shaped.
  • The item is a restricted product. Products sold on Amazon.com must comply with all laws and regulations and with Amazon's policies.
  • Certain hazmat items (including, but not limited to, lithium batteries) are restricted from shipping to your area.
  • Some carriers can't deliver to certain address types.
  • We're restricted from shipping to your location due to government import/export requirements, manufacturer restrictions, or warranty issues.
  • You're shipping to a US freight forwarder but your order contains items that are restricted from exportation.
  • You've chosen an offer from a seller who doesn't offer international shipping.
  • You've chosen an offer from a seller who doesn't ship to your address due to the nature of the product (e.g., perishable, hazmat, etc.).

For more information, see Shipping Restrictions.

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