Play Videos with Alexa Using Your Voice

Use your voice to play movies, videos, or TV shows from Prime Video and supported streaming services on Alexa devices and Fire TV devices.

Find & Watch

  • "Search for [movie / TV show]."
  • "Find [title / genre / actor]."
  • "Go to channel guide."
  • "Play [title]."
  • "Open [app]."
  • "Go Home."

Note: To find and play videos in supported apps, add "on [app]" to the end of your requests.

Control Playback

  • "Play" or "Resume."
  • "Stop" or "Pause."
  • "Rewind" or "Fast Forward."
  • "Next" or "Watch from beginning"

Live TV Channels

  • "Go to [channel / network]."
  • "Change to [channel / network]."
  • "Watch [channel / network]."

Equipment Control

  • "Turn [on / off] the TV."
  • "Volume [up / down] on receiver."
  • "Volume [up / down] on soundbar."
  • "Tune to [channel] on cable/satellite."

Actions on Lists*

  • "Search for [genre]."
  • "Scroll [right/left]."
  • "Select/Play [number on list]."
  • "Show more."
  • "Go back."

Video Search*

After searching for video content, say "Select [video]" or "Play [number]" to choose a video from the results.

Actions on Detail Page* (Fire TV Only)

  • "Play this."
  • "Add this to my Watchlist."
  • "Play the trailer."

Note: * Not all features are supported from a paired Echo Show or for a paired Fire TV Cube (2nd Generation).

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