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Claim a Mail-In Rebate

Manufacturers, wireless service providers, merchants, and others on use mail-in rebates to offer the best possible price on new items.

To claim a mail-in rebate:
  1. Click on Rebate forms on the item's product detail page.
  2. Open and print the rebate form prior to the rebate's postmark deadline.

    Note: After the postmark deadline has passed you'll no longer be able to find the rebate on the product detail page. You won't receive a pre-printed copy of the rebate with your shipment.

  3. Fill out the required information.
  4. If required, print any additional documentation to include with the rebate form.

    Note: In order to qualify for a rebate you may be asked to include proof-of-purchase documentation, such as your sales receipt and the item's UPC code. Be sure to keep the item's packaging until the rebate arrives. If you need a receipt, you can print an invoice in Your Account. For instructions, go to Print an Invoice.

  5. Mail the rebate form, including additional documentation if required, to the specified address.

Note: All rebate forms include two deadlines: a purchase deadline and a postmark deadline. To qualify for the rebate, you must complete your order on before the purchase deadline. If your item arrives after the purchase deadline, you'll still qualify for the rebate as long as your order was placed before the purchase deadline. Once you receive your item, you must mail in the rebate form along with any additional documentation that may be called for on the rebate form. The item cannot be returned once the rebate fulfillment form has been submitted.

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