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Reviewed in the United States on May 1, 2018
I’m happy to have revisited Bliss; it’s such an interesting little town with fascinating residents. All of that made better by the beautiful storytelling of Lexi Blake. Callie, Zane, and Nate’s story was a little sad, a little funny, a lot provocative, and fabulously engrossing. Once I started reading Two to Love, I couldn’t put it down and devoured the entire thing in one sitting.

Two to Love is the second book in Lexi Blake’s Night’s in Bliss, Colorado series. It can be read as a standalone, though the characters from book one do make an appearance in this book. There are also tie-ins to Lexi Blake’s other series, which only serves to enrich the entirety of the world she’s built. Two to Love is written in third-person alternating limited perspective, switching between following Callie, Nate, and Zane’s thoughts.

I fell in love with Callie in Three to Ride; there was something about her in that book that just felt so sad even when she was happy for friends. Seeing her strength, despite the heartbreaking and life-threatening situations she found herself in, was so great. I loved how she refused to settle for less than she deserved and fought for what she needed and wanted.

Zane was the standout, amongst the boys. He was so tragic, so self-sacrificing, and ultimately the better man amongst himself and Nate. I struggled with Nate, not because he was unlikable – even in his egotism there was something vulnerable about him – but because he was so wholly focused on what was ‘right’ he neglected to observe that what was right for him was far closer than he could fathom.

Two to Love moved fast, both regarding the threesome falling in love and regarding action. Like all of Ms. Blake’s books, the insta-love aspect felt natural because of the vulnerability the characters demonstrated to each other. I found the storyline of this book captivating, it wasn’t terribly unpredictable, but the anticipation of finding out, for sure, what was coming next was delightful.

Lexi Blake is almost on top of my must-read authors. She does such a fantastic job of making her characters likable, even when they shouldn’t be. Her relationships always feel so well-developed, the characters care for one another so profoundly; they’re something to strive for. I love her writing style and always look forward to reading anything she releases.
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