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Reviewed in the United States on February 9, 2021
Reckless Road is a story of trust broken and regained, a story of acceptance for simply being who you are and a story of coming to realize that you are more than you ever thought you could be.
Gedeon "Player" Lazaroff has never felt that his talent was a good as the other Torpedo Ink members, the talent that has always caused him to feel that he is out of control after using it for long periods of time, after using for extended periods his only hope is to simply shut himself away from everyone until his head is in a good space again. After I particularly hard job as he finally makes his way his room away from everyone, he finds an intoxicating beauty there but is she real or simply part of a dream. All he knows is that she calms him and takes the pain away.
Zyah was only at the clubhouse doing a favor for her grandmothers’ friend when the most amazing man walks into the room where is practicing her dancing. She feels that she has finally met the one that can be the other half of her soul, the one she has been waiting for. They had one beautiful night together but in the light of day he sends her away, and totally destroys her due to a misunderstanding.
When Player realizes that she was no dream but truly the one that is meant for him, he knows that he has to find a way to right the wrong and wind her back as she is the one that will be the one to save him. The lengths that he goes to trying make things right takes him so far out of his comfort zone, you can totally feel the love that is there.
When Player is seriously injured, Zyah and Steele are the only ones that can save him, but Zyah is truly the only one who can make him whole again.
I truly loved this book, even with all the twists, turns, and mysteries to be solved.
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