Curated collection of classic but on-trend

How we got our start
In 2012, I was a NY-based TV producer and mom to two kids. There was a void in the market between affordable big box retailers and luxury boutiques, and I struggled to find unique, stylish items that didn't break the bank. I made a 180-degree career change and started Humble Chic to fill that need.

What makes our products unique
Humble Chic offers a curated collection of classic but on-trend items that deliver quality as well as extreme value. We called our earliest customers "recessionistas" but the philosophy still holds even in better economic times! We've been featured in Vogue, People Stylewatch, Us Weekly, and more.

Why we love what we do
Humble Chic is based in NYC and run by a small team of creative, dedicated, and inspiring women. We work extremely hard but we also get to play with pretty things all day long. Making our customers happy is what motivates us, and nothing makes our day more than hearing their positive feedback.

New York, USA

Humble Chic Founder Daniella


When Socks have Ears and Hilarious Faces

How we got our start.
Moosh Walks were created for self-expression, individuality and creativity. I didn’t want to create another colorful pattern sock, I wanted Moosh Walks to feel alive and give your feet personality.

What makes our products unique.
3D elements make our socks animated, it’s almost like your feet have a buddy with them at all times. We also added non-skid bottoms so you can stand strong on the hardwood floors. We are not just Socks, our socks are character driven and each of them have a name, zodiac sign and a super power.

Why I love what I do.
Seeing young girls commend attention when they simply walk into the room, makes us smile. We love when our customers make new friends by just wearing our product. It’s hard to be ignored when your socks have ears and hilarious faces. We believe in individuality and Moosh Walks brand offers that to our customers.

California, USA

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Become a Hostess Hero

How we got our start.
Back in 1999, Sherri was a stay-at-home Mom with a passion for creating extra-special things for the people around her. She started sewing character hooded towels for her friends’ baby shower gifts. This quickly turned into a business concept of PARTY that grew into the Big Dot of Happiness we know today.

What makes our products unique.
We are where QUALITY and FUN meet! From concept and design, Big Dot of Happiness products are 100% unique and original with the majority crafted right in our Wisconsin facility. We pride ourselves on the quality of our party supplies and specialize in making your party a fun event to remember for years to come.

Why we love what we do.
We don’t just create party supplies; We Create Goose Bump Moments … Memories that will last a lifetime! Our designer party collections make it easier for everyone to be a Hostess Hero. Life is one big celebration – Let’s have some quality fun!

Wisconsin, USA

Spa Destinations

Spa Destinations

Creating the At-Home Spa Experience

How I got my start.
I enjoyed an extremely successful national training career in professional beauty. When I settled down I wanted to continue the luxury spa experiences I had around the world. So, I created Spa Destinations “Creating the At-Home Spa Experience” to bring them home.

What makes our products unique.
Spa Destinations has decades of experience manufacturing and marketing natural, sustainable beauty products. We source and formulate each product with the highest standards of performance. Our natural sponges are hand selected by experts.

Why we love what we do.
We are Greek and feel like our customers are part of our extended family. Nothing is better than improving the quality of life for others. We take everyday rituals and transform them into luxury experiences.

Florida, USA