Alexa User Guide: Music and Entertainment

Alexa has your listening needs covered: Play music, podcasts and radio, and audiobooks. Listen to music across all of your compatible Echo devices with Multi-Room Music, or watch movies and play games. Try asking:
- "Alexa, try Amazon Music"
- "Alexa, play baby shark"
- "Alexa, play the new Katy Perry album on Apple Music"
- "Alexa, play the song that goes 'love is all you need'"
- "Alexa, set an alarm to Adele every day at 10 AM"
- "Alexa, play Z100"
- "Alexa, play the latest Homecoming podcast"
- "Alexa, set an alarm to Adele every day at 10 AM"
- "Alexa, what free audiobooks are available?"
- "Alexa, what's on TV tonight?"

    Play Music

    A woman rocking out on the couch using a broom as an air guitar.
    Play music and control music and playback settings on your Alexa-enabled device. Try asking:
    - "Alexa, play music"
    - "Alexa, play country music"
    - "Alexa, turn up the volume"
    - "Alexa, turn up the bass"
    - "Alexa, set the treble to three"
    - "Alexa, reset the equalizer"
    - "Alexa, play hip hop"
    - "Alexa, pause"
    - "Alexa, resume"
    - "Alexa, skip"
    - "Alexa, next"
    - "Alexa, set the bass to four"

        Listen with Amazon Music Services

        Prime members and Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers can make a variety of special music requests.

        Prime Music is a benefit of your Prime membership, featuring a growing selection of 2 million ad-free songs, playlists curated by our music experts, and stations to fit every moment. Learn more about Prime Music.

        Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers can listen to tens of millions of songs including new releases from today’s most popular artists. Listen ad-free with unlimited skips, and download for offline listening. Try Amazon Music Unlimited. Try asking:
        - "Alexa, try Amazon Music Unlimited"
        - "Alexa, tell me about Prime Music"
        - "Alexa, play more music like this"
        - "Alexa, play the song that goes 'love is all you need'"
        - "Alexa, play upbeat music"
        - "Alexa, set an alarm to Adele every day at 10 AM"
        - "Alexa, play sad country music from the 90s"
        - "Alexa, wake me up to morning music"
        - "Alexa, play today's hits in America"
        - "Alexa, play me songs I listened to last Friday"
        - "Alexa, play pop music for a party"
        - "Alexa, add this song to my workout playlist"
        - "Alexa, play music for cooking"
        - "Alexa, play song of the day"
        - "Alexa, play workout music"
        - "Alexa, play the new Katy Perry album"
        - "Alexa, play music I haven't listened to recently"
        - "Alexa, play music I haven't heard before"

            Listen with Other Available Music Services

            Alexa can play music from most streaming services, like Apple Music, Spotify, SiriusXM, Audible, iHeart Radio, Pandora, and more.

            Connect supported music streaming services to Alexa by opening the Amazon Alexa app and 1) Tapping the menu icon in the upper left corner, 2) Tapping Settings, 3) Tapping Music & Podcasts, 3) Choosing Link New Service. You can also choose a default service.

            Note, Prime members and Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers can still get these services to play when they aren't the default music service. Just add "... on Amazon" to the end of your Alexa request. Try asking:
            - "Alexa, how do I connect Apple Music?"
            - "Alexa, play James Brown radio on Pandora"
            - "Alexa, play 'Pep Rally' by Missy Elliot on Spotify"
            - "Alexa, play my favorite songs on Amazon"
            - "Alexa, play Country Music on SiriusXM"
            - "Alexa, play Bebe Rexha on Apple Music"
            - "Alexa, play Spotify"
            - "Alexa, play top hits on Amazon"

              Play Music in Every Room with Multi-Room Music

              A scene of a hand frying some eggs with a tomato off to the side.
              Play music in different rooms or enjoy whole home audio with the same song across your compatible Echo devices. Ask Alexa to play your favorites throughout your whole home.

              Get started by opening the Alexa app and 1) Tapping the devices icon, 2) Tapping the + icon in the upper right corner, 3) Selecting Add Multi-Room Music Speakers and create a new Multi-Room Music Group. Try asking:
              - "Alexa, how do I use multi-room music?"
              - "Alexa, play music everywhere"
              - "Alexa, play music in [multi-room music group]"
              - "Alexa, play music upstairs"
              - "Alexa, play jazz downstairs"
              - "Alexa, play my favorite songs everywhere"

                      Play Radio and Podcasts

                      An image containing an equalizer, headphones, and a microphone.
                      Listen to thousands of radio stations and podcasts with Alexa. Try asking:
                      - "Alexa, play WNYC"
                      - "Alexa, play Z100"
                      - "Alexa, play a good kids podcast"
                      - "Alexa, play the podcast called Survival"
                      - "Alexa, rewind 5 minutes"
                      - "Alexa, skip ahead two minutes"
                      - "Alexa, resume my podcast"
                      - "Alexa, play the latest Homecoming podcast"

                          Play Games with Alexa and Alexa Skills

                          An image containing various games and game equipment, like dice, cards, and tic tac toe sheets.
                          Play games with Alexa! You can even download new game Skills (Skills are like apps for Alexa) and play individually or with a group; you can also create your own custom game skills in minutes by using Alexa Skill Blueprints. Try asking:
                          - "Alexa, can you play games?"
                          - "Alexa, open Song Quiz"
                          - "Alexa, play Jeopardy!"
                          - "Alexa, open Question of the Day"
                          - "Alexa, play Would You Rather"
                          - "Alexa, open Yes, Sire"
                          - "Alexa, start Kids Court"
                          - "Alexa, open The Magic Door"
                          - "Alexa, open Freeze Dancers"
                          - "Alexa, tell My Pet Rock to go play"
                          - "Alexa, open Guess My Name"
                          - "Alexa, let's play a game"

                            Have Fun and Chat with Alexa

                            An Echo Dot sitting on a stag, on a stool. There's a microphone to tell a joke into.
                            Alexa's got a personality waiting for you. From jokes, to Easter Eggs, to fun facts and songs, Alexa's waiting to chat! Try asking:
                            - "Alexa, tell me a joke"
                            - "Alexa, good morning!"
                            - "Alexa, tell me a math joke"
                            - "Alexa, what's the shortest word in the dictionary?"
                            - "Alexa, give me an Easter egg"
                            - "Alexa, tell me a poem"
                            - "Alexa, give me a hard-boiled Easter egg"
                            - "Alexa, tell me a love story"
                            - "Alexa, how are you?"
                            - "Alexa, sing a campfire song"
                            - "Alexa, what's your favorite color?"
                            - "Alexa, what's your favorite number?"

                                  Listen to Books from Kindle and Audible

                                  An Echo Dot sitting on a stag, on a stool. There's a microphone to tell a joke into.
                                  Ask Alexa to read Kindle booksand Audible Audiobooks to you and keep your spot. If you were reading on your Kindle or listening to an Audible book on your phone, Alexa will pick up right where you left off. As an added bonus, Audible provides Alexa owners with one title for free every month—no membership required. Try asking:
                                  - "Alexa, read me my book"
                                  - "Alexa, sign-up for Audible"
                                  - "Alexa, next chapter"
                                  - "Alexa, what's free on Audible?"
                                  - "Alexa, last chapter"
                                  - "Alexa, go back 30 seconds"
                                  - "Alexa, go ahead"
                                  - "Alexa, read 'Girl on the Train' from Audible"
                                  - "Alexa, read slower"
                                  - "Alexa, stop reading the book in 30 minutes"
                                  - "Alexa, tell me about what's on Audible"
                                  - "Alexa, read faster"

                                    Watch Movies, TV, and Music Videos

                                    An image containing objects associated with movies, like popcorn, soda, and a projector.
                                    With Echo devices that have screens, like Echo Show, Prime members can play movies, videos, and TV shows on Prime Video, including Prime Originals, and programming from Prime Channels like Showtime, HBO, and Starz. You can even watch music videos from Vevo on any Echo device with a screen. Alexa can even tell you what's on TV or about movies nearby. Try asking:
                                    - "Alexa, play Tom Clancy's 'Jack Ryan'"
                                    - "Alexa, open Prime Video"
                                    - "Alexa, play 'Sneaky Pete'"
                                    - "Alexa, search action movies"
                                    - "Alexa, fast forward one minutes"
                                    - "Alexa, show me Jennifer Lawrence movies"
                                    - "Alexa, rewind"
                                    - "Alexa, show me my Watchlist"
                                    - "Alexa, pause"
                                    - "Alexa, show me Jennifer Lawrence movies"
                                    - "Alexa, resume"
                                    - "Alexa, show me my Watchlist"
                                    - "Alexa, play rock music videos"
                                    - "Alexa, next episode"
                                    - "Alexa, what movies are playing nearby?"
                                    - "Alexa, play trending music videos"
                                    - "Alexa, what action movies are playing this weekend?"
                                    - "Alexa, play hip hop music videos"
                                    - "Alexa, when is [movie title] playing near me?"
                                    - "Alexa, what's on TV tonight?"
                                    - "Alexa, what time is [show title] on?"
                                    - "Alexa, play music videos"